Goodmorning netizens! Guess who had a horrible night?

@ice hi!
No, this time I had a combination of anxiety and bad stomach pains (acid reflux and that kind of stuff): this happens to me every now and then.
You know when you are stressed out and always "feel it" in the same place? I always get this pretty bad pain on my upper stomach area.
I honestly can't wait to off from work for a few days. Last day is tomorrow!
Workouts have been going really well - I am almost back to my pre-lockdown fitness level (which wasn't stellar but a bit better than "potato").

@melyanna Sorry to hear this, sounds like you really need some rest! I can only imagine, because stress usually doesn't impact me that much. Glad to know the workouts are going well. Personally I feel better, both physically and mentally, since I've built the habit. Sometimes it's exhausting, but it's always rewarding, like some kind of daily achievement.

@ice yes, the workouts help a lot, especially those days where I feel lazy and I workout anyway: the sense of having accomplished something is nice.
I'd say they are helping me a lot mentally.
But it's also nice that my resting hear rate has gone down and that I feel more energy.

@melyanna I guess I should follow my heart rate, I didn't think about it at all. I used to take notes and various measurements after every session, but for now I just go with the flow and don't bother, though it could be interesting to get more data. I think my next step will be to look into some kind of nutrition plan to go with the next programs I'll choose. But it sounds exhausting :)

@ice I keep an eye on it because it's always been naturally on the higher side, but if I can avoid fixing it with meds I prefer it (plus generally working out has other health benefits).
I guess if you like collecting data and the scientific approach it can be fun to look at these details and nutrition plans.
If however it would take the fun out of the workouts I'd go for a more relaxed approach - I think having fun and enjoying the process is more important than looking at the finer details. :)
(We aren't trying to become pro athletes after all)

@melyanna I should probably do it too, since I'm in the same case. The thing is I've always been interested in fitness trackers, but they all seem plain awful regarding data hoarding and privacy. I guess I could use some old school pulse counting method though, or even merge heartbeat counting with meditation practice (even I keep failing developing a meditation habit, not sure why.)

@ice I have a fitness tracker and I have a love-hate relationship with it: it's amazing for data collection, but when it comes to privacy and where that sata goes it's a nightmare!
I got pretty good at just checking my pulse and counting too, but it isn't the same as watching how your HR with a tracker.

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