Done with the workout of today, 2 more to go and I have finished the 21 days program

@ice I hope so! I'd like some new spells and proficiency points. :flan_dalf:
I will either pick up another program from the same online trainer or try running again.
I used to run a lot, then spent a lot of time not really doing it, and since then I never managed to get back to it again (I just get discouraged that I can't run as much as I did, which is silly).
I think I'll go with another program though: it's too damp and cold outside for me to feel encouraged to run.

@melyanna I didn’t try them yet, but there are actually a few CYOA inspired programs on Darebee, where you throw some die and follow a fantasy adventure to choose your workouts :) (maybe you already know them though.)

@ice definitely didn't know about that! I'll go look. Thank you. :)

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