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Entire YouTube and Twitch careers have risen and fallen in the time it took for me to notice

I wonder if this is how the folks in Gaul felt when a gladiator won/lost in the Colosseum

@ice I love Discworld! By the way, do you remember that ridiculously difficult Discworld point and click adventure?

Glen Cook I need to look into. :)

@ice I love Robn Hobb! :)

And it's OK that there are elements that are close to our reallty, it can still offer a good distraction to me if I can just be absorbed in a book and forget about what's around me.

@ice never read it, but it sounds like a book I would like from what you write: I definitely like the theme.
And I am looking for something to read that will entertain my mind and take it off of the stuff that is happening in the real world.

@sir I turn the tv off and play Skyclad real loud:

It's revelation revels divine comedy and more
Please welcome your four hosts: death, famine, pestilence and war
You say that we are all God's children, can you please explain
How any father could inflict his children so much pain
I'm sure he finds it funny but I fail to see the joke
I bet he'll piss his breeches when we all go up in smoke

Life's one big disaster, I hear the sound of laughter
Coming from the hereafter, I find it kind of odd
We're stooges for Jehova, he loves to knock us over
So if I die laughing it'll be an act of God!

Thunderbolts were once his style, it's now malignant tumours
I wonder what he'll think of next to test my sense of humour?
You said I must accept his will, that God will spare the weak
I bet those tears aren't tears of laughter running down your cheek
When you are stood right there beside me, egg upon your face
Your precious soul floats with the dust back home in outer space

Life's one big disaster, I hear the sound of laughter
Coming from the hereafter, I find it kind of odd
We're stooges for Jehova, he loves to knock us over
So if I die laughing it'll be an act of God!

@ice I think your summary is accurate: the prose manages to be descriptive and fast paced at the same time, and there is a lot of lore that needs to be absorbed quickly that makes it confusing the first time you read it.
And yet I absolutely love that it's gritty yet poetic and I find it really well written.

It feels more like reading something about an alternate past now though.
But I still love it, tropes and all.

I think I will re-read Neuromancer this evening...

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@tty yep, that too! I instantly go completely tense.
So when I read these captions that say "Go to sleep to the sound of nails tapping on a desk" or stuff like that I basically run the other way.

A similar things happens with people whispering to each other on trains.
They do it to be polite, but I get irrationally angry and always have to put headphones on to cancel the sound.

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ASMR videos are supposed to be soothing, but they just make me irrationally angry.
I can't even explain it properly, but my teeth clench, my muscles get extremely tense, and I feel this anger I have rarely experienced even when rationally I had reasons to be angry.
I don't know what it is, but basically ASRM is the most efficient way to trigger my misophonia.
I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same?
It's just wild to me that other people would find it relaxing.

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The last two weeks have been hard, harsh and devastating. I feel #exhausted and need a #hug.
Boost, if you feel the same. #followerpower

*Puts prescrpition glasses on*
*Plays a instrument made of steel and fine mechanical parts*
*Sends sound waves through a microphone to a digital recording system*
"Man, we should really live like 10K years ago"

I keep reading in the news that "The new James Bond is a black woman". I hope they mean that the new Agent 007 is a black woman, otherwise things might be a bit awkward.

@rek I am both jealous of and in awe at how clean your lines are.

@ice that sounds amazing! Even just thinking that that existed actually cheers me up. I bet it was amazing. 😊

I feel a little better this evening. Had a bit of an anxiety attack earlier but it's gone now.

I feel very sad, very lonely, and trapped.
I never really did understand the story of Artax as a kid, but I get it now.

@ice I am lucky indeed. Friday nights have been the moment of the week in which we leave the worries of real life outside of the door and spend some quality tine together in a different world, giving our minds a break from the bad or difficult stuff life throws at us.

I never tried playing solo RPGs, but I do spend a lot of time daydreaming about characters and situations that would fit in a novel or a game.

I always did this even before finding out that RPGs were a thing.

I need to go out to sign some papers tomorrow, which means I'll have to wear actual clothes.
I almost forgot how that feels like as I've been living in sweatpants and loungewear for months, basically... 😅

@ice Yes. My type of book definitely! I am glad you shared it here. :)

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