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@ice I admit I use the "smart" features a lot: since I commute (well, I did commute when lock-downs weren't a necessity), I basically use my phone as a computer substitute for reading emails, internet browsing and listening to music / watching videos.

@ice to be honest, initially I didn't want to replace my phone, just get the battery repaired, but then everything else in it started falling apart.
Now I am stuck with my work phone which is a Samsung and the OS is horrible. At least OnePlus had a highly customisable version of Android.

@ice don't get one just yet: if my experience turns into a complete disaster, at least I know I spared you from it. 😅​

@jzs I will!
I hope it ships soon as I am quite curious.
Thankfully, my work phone is dual sim so I can live without a daily driver and can afford to experiment a little.
The idea of a non-google, non-apple phone is quite a dream to be honest.
Also, this Xmas I purchased a phone for my grandma (one of those with giant buttons and that have no smartphone functionalities) and I am actually considering getting one as a main driver - because I am not comfortable with keeping my personal stuff on my work phone, but also because the battery on that one lasts forever.
But it's a big jump going from a smartphone to a simple phone, and also I don't want to buy even more tech stuff I don't need.

@ice it hasn't reached my house yet, so I don't know. :D
I will post updates here once I get it though as I think the project is interesting.

@ice yes, I know the feeling!
I had a hard time initially even with weights because my brain couldn't grasp the concept of "slower is better".

@ice one thing I am trying to do is make sure I don't skip stretching.
It can be a bit tedious sometimes and makes the workouts longer, but it's worth it, in my opinion.

Eye contact (stylised art) 

I art sometimes to de-stress.

@vantablack probably too easy for me to say because I have never been in your situation, but my suggestion would be to completely ignored them.
I feel like they want to provoke a reaction and that the best way to prove they can't control you anymore is do the opposite and not pay any attention to them at all.

@ice I love the "I want to drink but I can't lift this water bottle" feeling after a good upper body workout :flan_strong:

@ice definitely didn't know about that! I'll go look. Thank you. :)

@ice I hope so! I'd like some new spells and proficiency points. :flan_dalf:
I will either pick up another program from the same online trainer or try running again.
I used to run a lot, then spent a lot of time not really doing it, and since then I never managed to get back to it again (I just get discouraged that I can't run as much as I did, which is silly).
I think I'll go with another program though: it's too damp and cold outside for me to feel encouraged to run.

Done with the workout of today, 2 more to go and I have finished the 21 days program

@vantablack I clearly am old as I am confused by most of the other tags :flan_shrug:

@ice I have a fitness tracker and I have a love-hate relationship with it: it's amazing for data collection, but when it comes to privacy and where that sata goes it's a nightmare!
I got pretty good at just checking my pulse and counting too, but it isn't the same as watching how your HR with a tracker.

@ice I keep an eye on it because it's always been naturally on the higher side, but if I can avoid fixing it with meds I prefer it (plus generally working out has other health benefits).
I guess if you like collecting data and the scientific approach it can be fun to look at these details and nutrition plans.
If however it would take the fun out of the workouts I'd go for a more relaxed approach - I think having fun and enjoying the process is more important than looking at the finer details. :)
(We aren't trying to become pro athletes after all)

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