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Eye contact (stylised art) 

I art sometimes to de-stress.

Done with the workout of today, 2 more to go and I have finished the 21 days program

Goodmorning netizens! Guess who had a horrible night?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about various creative reactions to the absurdity that we all carry supercomputers in our pocket but have to keep upgrading even to retain functionality because software gets worse and surveillance gets more pervasive

Things like low-power computing (Rpi and friends, microcomputers, retro computing, etc), some of the solarpunk stuff, the “smolnet” (Gopher and Gemini and the like), and so on seem to be interesting ways of highlighting that things could be other than they are

Is there an umbrella term for this? Is someone collecting projects that relate to “computing designed to work well even with low-performance/low-power gear”?

I am on day 13 of a 21 days fitness program and I am loving it so far; I have not skipped a single day.

Spent some time at work talking about accessibility in games and loved the positive attitude and desire to keep improving. :)

There goes my evening...
BTW, I recognise a few I have used!

Oh ouch I wish I could pee standing up... Sprry if TMI but this hurts.

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Oh boy, I did a squat-like motion earlier, felt a stabbing pain in my lower back and now it *hurts*.
I have a fairly high tolerance to pain, but this is actually almost incapacitating.

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Entire YouTube and Twitch careers have risen and fallen in the time it took for me to notice

I wonder if this is how the folks in Gaul felt when a gladiator won/lost in the Colosseum

I think I will re-read Neuromancer this evening...

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A similar things happens with people whispering to each other on trains.
They do it to be polite, but I get irrationally angry and always have to put headphones on to cancel the sound.

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ASMR videos are supposed to be soothing, but they just make me irrationally angry.
I can't even explain it properly, but my teeth clench, my muscles get extremely tense, and I feel this anger I have rarely experienced even when rationally I had reasons to be angry.
I don't know what it is, but basically ASRM is the most efficient way to trigger my misophonia.
I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same?
It's just wild to me that other people would find it relaxing.

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The last two weeks have been hard, harsh and devastating. I feel #exhausted and need a #hug.
Boost, if you feel the same. #followerpower

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