Anyone who can recommend a Spanish TTRPG for language-learning purposes? I learned a lot of English from my copy of RuneQuest 3 and my gray FR box way back when.

But don't want to randomly grab something that end ups being way too much into the academic/archaic corner or is the Hispanic equivalent of High Gygaxian.

Heading out for a weekend with my partner's family. My bag contains more water pistols than items of clothing.

Oh no, the cake I made to bring to a party fell apart! Now I have to make another and eat this one. The horror!

Laziest format ever: The WWF (the Panda one, not the folding chair one) just disabled saving in the PDF settings and gave it their own extension.

So we've got VC-backed programming languages now? And a general trend to see them as "release early, release often" products.

Just great. We're all juggling plates while balancing on plates juggled by someone else.

Does anyone know of a good technical comparison of page description languages? PDF vs. dvi vs. PCL, or sth. like that?

I didn't know that there was a Soviet clone of the Swiss Lilith computer system (the predecessor of Oberon and thus Plan 9)!

Created their own 32 bit CPUs and thus extended the original 16 bit Modula-2 system. Sadly no videos I could find ("Kronos" just gives you a lot of organ grinders on YT, which still is a lot better searching for "Lilith")

Playing around with pre-CUA text editors… Treating vi and emacs as the only non-mainstream approaches shadows a lot of other intriguing metaphors and UI variants.

Although "When was the last time your character used the 'Dance' skill?" as a catchphrase makes me a bit sad. GMs of the world, more dancing!

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Neat, a new BRP-ish take on the small "NSR" games:

Although the term "specialism" strikes me as a bit odd, too forced in avoiding "skill".

What's a good low-power desktop-capable system that isn't a Raspberry Pi or basically still consists of laptop parts (like some thin clients)? Size doesn't matter that much, modularity does.

I wasn't wrong, this old DOS TTRPG had a table of contents in its hypertext viewer.

Hmm. I should clone something like this.

Did any web browser ever have a native table of contents feature? Just listing an outline of the hX headers?

Not that it would be worth it in our pyrite age of div-itis, but surely someone in the beginning…

Maybe people creating new programming languages should just use a random password generator for the name.

So, we now got programming languages called Val, Vale and Vala?


Was watching "The Negotiator" yesterday. Sam Jackson and Spacey chewing scenery. And then this line comes up:

"Yoυ know how this city feels aboυt corrupt cops. I'll get a conviction with my eyes closed."

Apparently it took place in Narnia.

Is it possible to put air quality sensors into mobile phones?

"Hello site that runs on a small lisp, I made a small lisp." "Why don't you use BigAcademicLisp or BigCorporateQuasiLisp?"

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So, I guess, no new surfraw versions, right?

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