An old German joke by comedian Otto started like this "Claudia Carefree sits at home and blow-dries her hair. And her husband works for VW, in Wolfsburg, on the assembly line. And he's rather happy that he's allowed to work for VW at the assembly line. Because he knows that every fourth VW produced in Germany is a car… And that's nice. Right now they're introducing new improved, humane work conditions on the assembly line: Colorful screwdrivers…"

This is how I'm starting to feel about the obsession with personalised mechanical keyboards.

For your next useless jslint team discussion:

Anyone code in Horstmann style?

Weirdly enough I've seen it a few times recently, and I'm in for some petty rebellion against the current hatchet-axe-and-saw trend of formatters.

And if I adopt something other than 1TBS, I'd better pick a weird one.

I'd really like the modern equivalent of the old computing magazines that had programming & hardware articles, BASIC listings etc.
Not individual, way too specific and career-oriented blog posts, but a curated publication. The Raspberry Pi magazine is probably the closest thing these days that I'm aware of.

Oh boy, hope the "I did drugs and now everything is different" post that's currently on HN makes it to websh?t weekly.

So both Facebook and Microsoft are now really behind Rust? Well, at least that gives me another petty reason to avoid learning it properly.

The Simpsons episode "Last Exit to Springfield" is older than "Classical Gas" was then.

Jerry Pournell, 1983. He predicted that Modula-2 will take a large chunk of C's lunch money. If only…

A "mouse" on my very serious IBM PC? Never will catch on.

Hmm, something wrong with the instance? No more federated toots for me younger than a day.

The PC gamedev jam is sending me in interesting directions. Original PC, at most CGA. Alright, I could do that with quite modern toolkits, just constrain myself regarding memory and graphics support.

But let's assume that you're doing this in the time where this setup was state of the art, i.e. before EGA appeared. So 1981-1983. Turbo Pascal 1.0 barely falls into that timeframe. So either assembly or lots of slow and expensive compilers?

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A devops engineer is a device for turning YAML into AWS bills.

I need to get an old version of FrameMaker to see if my level of nostalgia is justified.

Any ideas to get an old Core2Duo Macbook to stay cool again? Clean/replace fans? Thermal paste?

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Heard about #Gemini, want to try this new way to access information on the Internet but you're not technically inclined and you don't appreciate instructions such as "git clone, and read the file"?

Then read the Gemini Quickstart:

Also on Gemini, of course: gemini://

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