I need to find some kind of hobby where 75% of the discussion is not about how other people are doing it wrong. Suggestions?

Look up "Lesbian Rule". It's most likely not what you think it is.

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I wish less software was just Google Chrome in a trenchcoat

So, was the Model M ASMR for programmers avant la lettre?

potential spoiler, maybe? 

Watched the first episode of Midnight Mass. Looking at the semi-believable makeup, I guess we can expect Steve Guttenberg to appear soon?

Some AD&D grognards really sound a lot like KJV apologists.

Watched too many 80s music videos, now I'm considering hair implants.

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Over the last weeks, I enjoyed playing the #Ironsworn tabletop #RPG (hat tip to @cstrotm). It's CC licensed and all material is available online.

Although the are various player toolkits available that help you manage your character, they're all web-based or kind of heavy weight. So I wrote #isscrolls, a command line client that works like a shell.


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Dear GNOMEs, action buttons in the "title bar"? Why? People might argue about whether "Do it" or "Don't do it" should be first, but not at what end they're placed in a dialog/requester.

I got my Palm III to work again. I'm way slower at it, but weirdly enough Graffit input doesn't feel as torturous as when I have to use my mobile phone's OSK. Let's see if that holds up after some use (if I get it connected to some computer).

Interesting page layout at t-y-p-o-g-r-a-p-h-y.org/novemb -- I know that columns on the web enjoy limited popularity, but the austere sans serif, using monospace for quotes, the fullscreen images... It kinda works for me.

Any interesting current blog templates/inspiration? It looks like it's either all out Medium, austere Helvetica Bauhaus, or even monospaced angry fruit salad.

Strategic voting is a horrible feeling.

I used to be a multi-monitor guide when that meant checking the weight limits of your desk. These days, I'm single monitor, and having spent a vacation week just with a laptop, my 27" desk screen almost seems too much.

Maybe I've reached a point where I just need a smaller view port to just about everything. Focus or distraction isn't even the issue. Calm is.

Ah, I just did the old "hey, this HN user has some interesting setup, let's look at his other comments, maybe there's more about it. Oh, he's a crackpot" jig again.

Screw it, I'm writing my next project in BCPL.

I have to go on a vacation soon with some of my partner's siblings and their offspring. So naturally I bought them water pistols. This should prevent any danger of repetition.

Random programmer: "Hey, wouldn't it be neat if we could remove some common pitfalls from C?"

They: "OMG, you're right, so here's a few gigs of compiler that uses hyper-advanced math and a few minutes to fully secure your code, at least if you stick to our lint guidelines from hell!"

Random: "Wait, what?"

Random User: "Hey, wouldn't it be neat if this web page had a bit more interactivity like I'm used from my desktop apps?"

They: "OMG, you're right, so we embedded all the non-interesting parts of a Smalltalk environment into this browser, features updated on a weekly basis, and if you agree to transpile, pre-compile and munge your brackets meets Lisp run over by a bus language, you can finally get some immediate error message if you entered something wrong in your form"

Random: "Wait, what?"

They: "OMG, so you're saying that could be too slow? Then here's another VM, which basically is a 6502 on steroids, right in your browser so your 3D discrete elements simulation that you're loading from a random server in Russia is twice as fast!"

Random: "My what?"

Programmers program too much.

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