Sigh, I stuck with Apple through their Intel transition, but the Thou Shalt Only Have One Word Size cleansing combined with the general Fisher-Price-ification of the desktop experience is probably too much.

Now where did I put my fvwm config?

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I just used a setting for my Nexus 4's custom rom to turn off pixels (to save energy), and if you do that with the OLED display at 50%, everything turns green.

If I look at this long enough, I might need to buy a leather coat.

Just watching a video about teeny-tiny apartments in Tokyo.

The most interesting thing to me was that one of the inhabitants didn't want to live in an apartment "three decades old" instead.

I just compiled Tcl 7.6 on MacOS 10.14. Code from 1996, compiled without a hitch. A hooray for software that was forged when there was still a plethora of mutually semi-compatible Unices.

I'm trying to get a bit into gopher, not quite sure where I'm standing on the use of ASCII art/formatting and gophermaps as documents yet…

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