Why are modern programming languages updated like any other software products? Is there really a great benefit from having a new Typescript every 3 months and a new Java every year?

Seems languages and their implementations with better standards (no pun intended) don't do this as egregiously, but that's getting rather rare, corporate control or some "BDFL" ego trip is the new rule. more importantly WHERE ARE THE GENERICS, C STANDARDS COMMITTEE? :nkogun:

@mia @mhd you don't understand, the way is to write horrible nested macros! as if standard weren't made by big companies discussing among themselves? Like C were every major company that write compiler have to reach consensus and stuff, this is why C++ standard progress has been so slow

@striker How standards are made is often yet another feces spreading ballet, but it has two advantages, intended and not: Not just one implementation that defines the language, and committees slow things down.

Sadly sometimes not enough, if enough corporations love the shrieking abomination (JS/C++).

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