Dear I am on a trip to see a family member and am unable to do the show. I'm really sorry for the late notice. I have less bandwidth and more work to do than I had thought. :( Sorry again I care about tilde radio very much

Well, running my own instance proved to be a minor disaster. I'm hoping cancelling the redirect and returning here isn't too confusing or that big of a headache.

Playing music for the Creative Commons Valence Electron show on until 0100 UTC ( the next 40 minutes)

I'll share the play list after the show!

Guess we'll fall back here for a few months.

I'm going to try again to forward my mastodon over to my home server. The home server is up and down for now, as I work through some power supply issues. It is my main mastodon though, please forgive the long and ugly domain 🙂


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#News2Me links for January 15, 2021

Lots of news today didn't get through all of it, and it was a rare-ish live Friday show.

Archive or you can tune in on at 19:00 UTC Monday - Friday


Hey hey unfortunately tonights show is a repeat from September 2020. I was working and lost track of time. I'll be back next week with a live show. Thanks for tuning in and tune into Snowdusk at 0100 UTC!!

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#News2Me Links for Thursday January 7th, 2021.

Lots of stuff happened in the last 24 hours but I think we got a mix of stories in there. COM went a little sideways but the news is still the news. Check it out if you're so inclined. 😀

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Alright here we go. I'm going to try and move over to @mnw gotta love dyndns hostnames :D

Ok. I installed a jdk, elastic search, reconfigured the default port, updated mastodon's config and restarted it. Getting close to pulling the trigger. Hope I'm not making a mistake :D


So glad that the senate has come back together to finish their work tonight.

US POL; DC Unrest 

Twitter Safety has locked the president's account for 12 hours. He made 3 violence inciting posts in a row, so they locked his account.

unmasked toot

Soooo also FYI, I'm going to try and setup a mastodon instance at home tonight, so you may see me change from @mnw to
some user


George W. Bush has even put out a statement about the events going on. The behavior today is an affront to the very ideals of our democracy.

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We'll be on the air tonight at 19:00 EST. Listen live on 99.5 FM in New York or at

US POL; Feelings 

I'm way more upset about the events in Washington, D.C. than I thought I would be. Please don't forget your CW for US POL

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Links from today's show January 6th 2021

Today I did half the show before I realized I hadn't clicked the broadcast button, sooo yeah maybe things will get better before the end of the day.

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