Hey hey listeners. Today I accidentally uploaded yesterdays show named as the 13th of May. I got with the support staff and the archive should be getting updated. You will be able to listen to today's fresh news if you want in the archive archives.anonradio.net

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Coming up in a few minutes is the Dubious Goals Committee featuring TOB and the search for colorful golf balls and marmots muskrats mushrooms and other things that begin with the letter M.


#community #golf #ball #wildlife #adventure #radio #talk #chat

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We're overhauling our admin dashboard and making it easier to manage instance settings.

Available soon! #pixelfed

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Newly discovered implementation flaws in Wi-Fi, all Wi-Fi devices are affected - fragattacks.com/

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Here is the playlist if you want to check it out :-) Creative Commons is so cool I love it. soundcloud.com/craniumslows/se

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CCVES with DJ Marcus @mnw is streaming on right now! 🙌🏻 Pls tune in!

Then after DJ Marcus is my show The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour from 0100-0200 UTC in 15 minutes! 👾

to listen:


Chat with us on IRC go to:


for instructions! ⚡️

Alright! mixxx is working well as is everything else I got used to, so is on live on tilderadio.org :D ! It's music tonight, and then stick around for @snowdusk at 01:00 UTC! I'll reply to this with the playlist after the show!

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Remembering when I was about 14 I wanted to open a cafe for programmers called the Most Significant Bite

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Getting ready to go live again.

The book is "Journey to Mars" (1896) by Gustavus W Pope.



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"papa, you've already told us this story."

"then you tell it to me."

"we can't do that!"

"then I will tell it to you again."

I am hosting my own pixel fed.. i cant tell if if loads slow or not. pixel.slows.ynh.fr/p/marcus/29

Does that load for you?

I have abandoned manjaro and gone back to where I'm comfy on ubuntu. I think I'll stick to trying out new distributions in Virtual Box before just wiping out my system and installing it all YOLO style.

No well there technically is, but I have no way to get it out to you. Will be back again next week or maybe not. I'm so angry.

Here' s what the playlist should have been today.


One day I'll get my life together enough to do this properly. One day. 🤞

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Really mad about this Linux kernel - academic research kerfuffle. See: lore.kernel.org/linux-nfs/YH%2

TL;DR: researchers at UMN introduced patches to Linux kernel that contained known-buggy code TO WRITE A PAPER and the UMN IRB didn't consider it human subjects research :blobangery:

Wtaf were these researchers thinking? How did the IRB not consider this human subjects resaerch? How did someone think this was an ethical thing to do?

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@mnw I'd choose a platform where you feel you can be read by the right group of people. Because some people in tildes like gemini. In the SDF I feel like they care more and have a big community around gopher.

vs poll is at a dead even 42% each with 8% unsure what these are. Can anyone help decide the poll? tilde.zone/@mnw/10608233190367

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