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@jezra Maybe you can run some benchmarks on your computer

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The #SeaGL schedule is up, we can finally announce that we'll have 3 tracks both days!

I finally get to see which talks were accepted. There are some great titles in there.

Prepping for our weekly meeting, looking forward to reading the abstracts afterwards

November 13th and 14th

#FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #FLOX

Here is the link for October 26.

We didn't make it to the US news again, so tomorrow I'm going to try and trim them down a bit.

Appreciate everyone who listens!

Thanks for tuning in to here's the archived recording 🙂 I was a little quiet today.

Hey hey it's Day twelve of 14 teas 🍵 !! I skipped the weekend to make it last longer 🙂

Today's tea is Keemun Black Tea ( 祁门红茶 ) !! It's another very famous Chinese tea.

Wikipedia info / fun fact : Keemun is produced exclusively in the Qimen County in the south of Anhui province. The name of the tea is an older Western spelling of the name of the nearby town, Qimen (pronounced "Chee-men"). The tea-growing region lies between the Yellow Mountains and the Yangtze River.

Brewing instructions warned to use 194F water or less because over that the leaves will burn. I let the water cool, but then it got down to 150 so I had to heat it back up and I poured the water at 190F. Instructions are 2-5 minutes so this first steeping was 3.5 minutes.

Dark red tea. While steeping it looked really light so was a cool surprise. Has the pleasant aroma that black teas have. I think it's called an earthy smell. The flavor is strong but not bitter or overpowering. I can see why it's famous.


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What happened to #youtubedl is nothing new, really. Maybe some people remember this...

Here is the link for October 23.

Off for the weekend see you Monday!

Appreciate everyone who listens!

Thanks for tuning in to here's the archived recording 🙂

Bonus Link : This is the sexual assault story about Neil De Grasse Tyson

Hey hey it's Day eleven of 14 teas 🍵 !! Sad that it's almost over.

Today's tea is Jasmine Green Tea, pearl edition! Two days ago on day nine we did Jasmine Ooolong so there's not a ton of extra history or cool information.

Brewing is very similar to the other pearled teas. Since this was a green tea I let the water cool down to 190 before I did a 5 second rinse and a 4 minute steep. I meant to do 3 but I got distracted. The color is a wonderful gold, and because I steeped it at a lower temperature I was able to drink it much sooner than a black tea :-)

Flavor wise the jasmine is present but not overpowering. It's mostly in the smell of the tea. When you drink it you get the familiar grassy notes of green tea. Also a bit earthy with some balanced bitterness but as it cools the jasmine starts to come out and change the profile. This is a nice tea, but after having had this and the other jasmine tea I can say that it's not my favorite. It would be a really pleasant tea for polite company or maybe if you had a social engagement with people you're unfamiliar with.


If you, like me, have been stuck working from home for most of the year you may find this entertaining.

I've been watching commute videos on youtube, and while this sources video from youtube the quality is much nicer and consistent here. :D

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marcus out and about
Thursday October 22, 2020 07:29:40 PM CDT

Hey hey it's Day ten of 14 teas 🍵 !! 🥰

Today's tea is Jun Mei or Jin Jun Mei !

Wikipedia has a short article that tells us it "is a celebrated black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China developed in 2006. It is made exclusively from the buds plucked in early spring from the tea plant. The buds are subsequently fully oxidized and then roasted to yield a tea that has a sweet, fruity and flowery flavor with a long lasting sweet after-taste."

Brewing is straight forward. I did a 5 second rinse, but this is contentious online. Many feel it is a waste to rinse or awake black teas. Boiled water filtered from the tap (all teas so far are done with this water) and at 212 steeped 16 oz of water over 6g of tea for 3 minutes. Wonderfully colored tea, with a rich flavor and very pleasing after taste. One of my favorite teas. I have some other JinJunMei from another vendor and while it is flavorful the subtle notes on the finish feel like they're missing. Might just be me. Second steeping was equally as good. Same rich color and flavors.


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I wonder if I know anybody who can tell me what this says; this is one of my favorite shirts, I’ve had it for like five years, I took it home from a psych ward in Michigan, but I’ve never known what it says

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SLAPP lawsuits (strategic lawsuits against public participation) are bad.

Surveillance apps that monitor students are bad.

Proctorio does both.

Here is the link for October 22. We hardly made a dent in todays list, but lots of stuff happening in the world.

Appreciate everyone who listens!

Thanks for tuning in to here's the archived recording 🙂

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Here is the link for today.

Appreciate everyone who listens!

Thanks for tuning in to here's the archived recording 🙂

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