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As you might have seen from the last boost, PeerTube's latest version now supports "ability to automatically import all videos from a remote channel (from another video platform)".

What does this mean?

It means you can automatically import your videos from YouTube to PeerTube 🥳

:youtube: ➡️ :peertube:

More info from PeerTube's official news page:

#PeerTube #Fediverse #YouTube

Ahoy listeners. I'm not able to do today. These are your headlines. Sorry for being unable to do the show.

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I never heard about or learned about the SL-1 disaster. Wild to think someone would ever manually manipulate control rods in a power plant. I know it's not practical but would be neat to get other big and important news stories in this kind of format.

(short version ) Atomic Energy Commission Briefing video -
(Fuller Version)

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Happy 41st birthday to the Chaos Computer Club #CCC. Thank you for your work for freedom of Information and technology assessment. 👏

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Hashtag following has been merged into the upcoming version of Mastodon, and will be available on all servers at the next update.

It's already available on some servers such as and

Elsewhere on the Fediverse, Friendica has already had hashtag following for years now, across all servers.

Whichever platform you're using, it works the same way:

1. Log in through the website
2. Search for a hashtag
3. Click the follow logo (or + sign) in the top right corner of the results

You will then see posts with that hashtag in your normal timeline even if you don't follow the account posting it. Note that it only shows posts published after the follow happened, so you may not see tagged posts in your timeline immediately.

This only works with posts visible to your server anyway, it won't pull posts in just on the basis of the tag. It's effectively a filter of the Federated timeline.

#Fediverse #Mastodon #Hashtags

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Looking for less-stressful, low-bandwidth news? Here's a page I made with links to text-only news sites.

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Coming up at 1900 It's news to me! Then as always every damn day at 19:30 is the dubious goals committee. I think I'm going to use this as the News to Me ad image for a litle while what do you think?

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Later today I will also make the PinPinThing open source! It’s the thing running on here:

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I find myself needing to get up to speed on aws eks s3 and rds. I spent the last many years keeping a more traditional environment running. Anyone have any online courses they’d recommend to get up to speed? I have linkedin learning but idk if they’re worth the time for this topic.

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We have enough data to prove that #Oracle has been collecting and reselling each piece of information they could about almost every single person on earth without ever asking for their consent.

But we've got the same problem again: an American company can't be brought in front of a federal judge for violating user privacy because, unlike Europe with its GDPR, the US has no federal law thy protects consumers' privacy. It's up to individual States to implement it. The US needs a nation-wide privacy law and it needs it NOW. The lack of such a legal framework causes harm to the privacy of people even outside of its borders.

One of the bars I frequent is off a bus route so they put up this universal sign on their fence that is behind the bench bus stop. Support your local breweries!

This morning was setup the new work computer day and I still haven’t got my ssh with the yubi key finished but I did have 2 iced mochas! :-)

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The United Kingdom has protested #Kenya’s impending ban on second-hand imports of buses and trucks, fearing the embargo will cut the flow of used commercial vehicles from the European country.

Betty Maina, the Industrialisation and Trade secretary, says the UK authorities are uncomfortable with the sanction on used vehicles, which was set to take effect from July 1 before it was frozen in court.

An escalation of the differences between #Kenya and #Britain could affect the flow of goods between the two nations.

#Kenya and #Britain inked a fresh trade deal in December 2020 allowing duty-free access of Kenyan goods to the UK market and avoid a post-Brexit disruption....

UK protests Kenya ban on second-hand buses, trucks - Business Daily

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Publicly financed software should be available to the public. We should be able to use, study, share, and improve the code that has been developed with public money. Show your support with a 'Public Money? Public Code!' sharepic. #PublicCode #FreeSoftware

Oh boy it's time for news to me from the roof on I'll be online as soon as I get up there. :-)

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