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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on - Ep 844 - 2021/11/21

Thank you again for listening & for chatting with us on COM

#industrial #EBM #anonradio #live #DJ #underground #radio #SDF #nowplaying #np

Artists featured tonite:

Terminal Choice
Die Krupps
Front Line Assembly
Liaisons Dangereuses
Solitary Experiments
The Neon Judgement
Red Flag
Moskwa TV
Master Program
The Horrorist
Skinny Puppy
In Strict Confidence

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KitchenAid Releases New 80-Pound, Stainless Steel Block For Taking Up Counter Space

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The OBS-Studio people aired some dirty laundry this morning about how Streamlabs asked them for permission to just call their fork "SLOBS", got asked not to, and did it anyway then cut all contact with OBS-Studio when they tried to work out a way to divide the trademark more.

The thread is filled with people, including some huge long-time streamers, who are shocked SLOBS doesn't come straight from the OBS-Studio project and Streamlabs does nothing to dispel that misconception when contacted for support.

I always know on some level SL were dirtbags :/

Dearest fediverse I'm waking back up. News to Me is going still on the kind of fell off. Might bring it back. I got my SDF pixelfed going. Now I just need to finish fixing my kitchen sink and get the rest of my life in order :D 🤣

Slowly but surely figuring it all out. 1900 utc tomorrow should be news with live stream on anonradio and toobnix

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Sadly the CCVE is off this week. Its been a hard week and I couldn't muster the energy to pull a show together.

This is a magic trick that I wish I had looked up how to do earlier.

pactl load-module module-null-sink sink_name=virtual-cable

This will create a virtual sound device for you and with pavucontrol you can very easily direct the output of a program to it and then the input of a program from it. Moving audio around. I ran into this as I was trying to get Slow Scan TV or SSTV working on my computer. It's a ton of fun.

is a fresh mix, but due to timing and some technical issues I had to play the last 2 songs first then switch over to the show's proper recording. Of cours this is all going flawlessly over on :-)

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Ok, I need a new job... Anyone looking for an Erlang developer? #boost #job #remote #erlang

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What's that ringing noise? It's the Call for Proposals for #SeagL2021! We want to hear what you have to say about #freesoftware, #opensource, and more!

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#Security issues got you down? Upgrade your PC *away* from Microsoft!

Just practicing a little bit to share some #mastoart. Who knows, perhaps I should try making one of these a day to get there!

Just ordered a icom id-5100. I ended up spending a ps5 amount of money so here's hoping I really like digital voice and 2meters !

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The person who started the initiative to fork Audacity has stepped down, due to IRL harassments from 4chan.

This is a link to the book I mentioned on the tonight I found a copy on but you might also find it at your local bookstore :-) @goosey

I made it! we are live but if you miss it I'll share the playlist after the show :D

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Can i drive to get fast food and be back in time ... find out in 15 minutes !

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