is a fresh mix, but due to timing and some technical issues I had to play the last 2 songs first then switch over to the show's proper recording. Of cours this is all going flawlessly over on :-)

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Ok, I need a new job... Anyone looking for an Erlang developer? #boost #job #remote #erlang

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What's that ringing noise? It's the Call for Proposals for #SeagL2021! We want to hear what you have to say about #freesoftware, #opensource, and more!

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#Security issues got you down? Upgrade your PC *away* from Microsoft!

Just practicing a little bit to share some #mastoart. Who knows, perhaps I should try making one of these a day to get there!

Just ordered a icom id-5100. I ended up spending a ps5 amount of money so here's hoping I really like digital voice and 2meters !

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The person who started the initiative to fork Audacity has stepped down, due to IRL harassments from 4chan.

This is a link to the book I mentioned on the tonight I found a copy on but you might also find it at your local bookstore :-) @goosey

I made it! we are live but if you miss it I'll share the playlist after the show :D

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Can i drive to get fast food and be back in time ... find out in 15 minutes !

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Coming up at 00:00 UTC on is the ! Then at 01:00 is the Intergalactic Wasabi Hour, with Snowdusk. Please tune in at and if you are free to chat join us in IRC on in the tilderadio channel. (Oh there is also a tilderadio channel on matrix if you're on ;) )

Hooray an amateur radio technician test spot opened up. I should be able to test today instead of the 30th! Yay.

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At my work (Freedom of the Press Foundation) we're still hiring for a Senior Security Engineer to join the @securedrop team.

This is a work-from-anywhere role that's great for folks who have worked in security-sensitive software engineering roles for 3+ years (with or without the SecEng title).

Non-profit & open source jobs can be few and far between. HMU if this looks of interest to you or you have questions about it :)

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Hello! I made a little cottagecore flan expansion pack. As always, these are free for fediverse use (credit appreciated). This instance has the full set for copying. I hope you enjoy them!


Rapidly approaching 35k on the odometer. Is there a or interest group on the fediverse ?

The on tonight is going to be pre-recorded. One of the songs is a very cute song in Japanese. Thankfully the lyrics are available on the sound cloud page. I'll put a link to it and take a picture of the playlist and reply to this entry tonight after my class gets out. Creative Commons Valence Electron show is on every week at 00:00 UTC Sunday so that's Saturday night for those in the USA. Hope you tune in in 3 hours or so :D

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Happy #Juneteenth! We honor this day in 1865 when enslaved Black Americans in Galveston, Texas, learned of their freedom. Today, we reflect on the work we must continue to do to make space for everyone.

If you're an listener that isn't into using COM there are a couple other options


*XMPP / Jabber*


These spots aren't always as busy as COM but they're out there and available. In case you didn't know :-)

Also schedule is at

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