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Good day for a few friendly reminders:

1. Putting topics behind a content warning helps people manage their own stress.

2. Putting uspol in the CW, or #uspol in the text, helps non-US users filter out posts that aren't relevant to them.

3. Setting post visibility to Unlisted or Followers Only can help keep some Home timelines on-topic.

4. Roughly 200,000 of us have been here less than a week, and they're acclimating to a new set of conventions, so let's try to stay constructive.

@publius I bring to you some news that I didn't see until after I uploaded today's NewsToMe episode, but I think you'd wanna know -->

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#reintroduction Hi all. I’m Jan Wildeboer, located in Munich. By day I am #RedHat EMEA Evangelist and in my spare time I think about decentralised identity ownership as a human right, working title TCP/ID. I am a #transnational citizen and representative of the United Transnational Republics Since 2018 I run my own single user mastodon instance for all of those reasons :)

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Introducing! 🎉

A few days ago, @kev asked the community for help maintaining his side-project, This got me thinking.

There are loads of maintainers out there feeling burnt out, but they can't abandon their project since people are depending on the project to be maintained.

In an effort to combat this, I built a website that lists projects looking for new maintainers. It's still quite empty and has some rough edges, so any feedback is very welcome.

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A public cat feeding station on Mount #Lycabettus, set up and maintained by the Municipality of Athens.

Finally, a good use for our tax money! 😺

#Qualitätskatzen #CatsOfMastodon #cats #Mastocats #CatContent #Greece #Athens
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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Happy #TransDayOfVisibility! Trans, non-binary and gender-fluid people were and are accepted in Hawai'ian culture, and play vital roles in our resistance against ongoing colonization and destruction by the US.

beer and drinking 

Its beer thirty! Austin beer garden brewing company.

I found this to be very interesting read. It makes me wonder how internet adoption in different African nations will play out. Twitter being banned in Nigeria was a huge deal. I hadn't really thought about the long term effects.

Would you wear such a thing? I find it very tempting, but would have preferred it to have some kind of n95 / pandemic friendly option for filtration

In the search bar I had to search for (at)libreplanet2022(at) in my first post I forgot that since it's a federated service it'd turn it into an account link.

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Huzzah for 2022 already has videos up on peertube! :-) I was able to subscribe to @libreplanet2022 from my account on the SDF peertube instance.

Gary Busey's are fun. I keep this one on my fridge to remind me not to drink to excess when I'm just at home alone during this pandemic.

The video streaming has been really hit and miss this year at but the server has been really fun. I usually play on the SDF server so I had to give it a shoutout too :-) Theres a flag wall and lots of other fun stuff :D

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Woman with a blank sheet of paper gets detained #Russia #protest

It's based on an old Soviet joke, a man was arrested in St. Petersburg for protesting, when searched the Cheka only found blank leaflets!
"What is this?" They asked him.
"Well" he says, "I didn't need to write anything on it, everyone knows what the problems are".

If you are in Austin Texas or near-ish there’s an event tomorrow at 2pm to protest the latest anti-trans actions taken by the State. With SXSW going on there are lots of people from out of town and that means a larger reach than normal if I understand things correctly.

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now, is a painting
that starts fading once it's cast
as soon that it's envisioned
the moment has collapsed

#Poem #Poetry

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