Gemini or Gopher ? Gemini seems like a new and cool approach to the web, but gopher is the old tried and true. Several phlogs I looked at seem to be using both. So I have to just ask the for blogging and journals which do you prefer?

@mnw Gemini + HTTP mirror generated together with it or via kineto

@mnw I'd choose a platform where you feel you can be read by the right group of people. Because some people in tildes like gemini. In the SDF I feel like they care more and have a big community around gopher.

@mnw I prefer Gemini, but some clients handle both, which is a bonus.

@mnw join the rss-only revolution, comrade!

Or, Gemini is fun.

@mnw Gemini, but that's because I'm "new and cool" :)

@kensanata @mnw

It’s not like it’s unpossible to put Unicode on Gopher. But it’s tricky to do encrypted Gopher. Gemini has TLS.

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