Can't sleep. The wind keeps me awake even if I cannot hear it

Hey buddy, I feel you, I'm awake as well. Not too uncommon, but I can hear the wind and feel it as well. How about a nice cup of tea?

@sexybiggetje That's a great idea, since I crawled out of bed anyway. I might even have Chamomile.



I love a nice herbal tea and then if needed like a guided meditation puts me out.

@mnw @sexybiggetje That's another great idea. I thought about it, but the idea of looking one up was unappealing, because I didn't want to use my phone. But now I'm at the computer and I can find one.
Usually I listen to Drone Zone on SomaFM, but tonight that wasn't enough.

It's the first night home after visiting family, I blame it on that (and the stupid wind)

What's keeping you up @sexybiggetje

Drone zone might actually be something that I like. Soma FM is always great 👌.

I'm being awake due to a 25 year old sleeping disorder. I'm used to it. Still a week of vacation, so I can sleep up during the day. I usually do about 90 minutes after lunch when I'm able to.

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