Hey hey fans there's a new show out called Stoke Sauce Radio Show first episode aired today at 0800 UTC. You can grab it from the archives if you like.

The world news will be coming at you as per usual at 1900 UTC. See you in COM

Image is my old good luck charm from when I used to bowl alot. Good Luck Stoke Sauce and good luck to all the new shows coming to Anonradio.net :D :D !


@snowdusk always makes such cool fliers for Intergalactic Wasabi Hour ( tonight at 0100 UTC btw ) I decided to try and make one for the I think it turned out ok, but what do you all think? I think I might cut the CC license url out.

No CCVES tonight, maybe not for a long time. I'm pretty angry and will probably have to go back to ubuntu to get the requisite tower of apps to be able to.

Texas won't let me buy beer until noon tomorrow. Hope I can sleep in that late! :p just kidding... mostly

Before the great wave of java mess I made I was taking a picture of my two @SDF mugs.

I think you can still get one of the 25th anniversary mugs on the store.

Intergalactic Wasabi Hour is going strong tonight! grab a beer and listen or maybe tomorrow since its almost over

Its tilderadio.org night tonight. buttstuf and 33 1/3 on right now. IRC is bumping too !!

Why does my computer hate me so? Sigh. Possibly no newstome today because of this. Sad times.

Well sorry for the crappy show today. I started late and then had someone at the door and a meeting. In general it's pretty rough today, but hey there are two songs in it... Anyway I just wanted to say hey there is a show today but it isn't the best :'(

As a consolation prize here is an IPV4CIDR Chart i like alot


George W. Bush has even put out a statement about the events going on. The behavior today is an affront to the very ideals of our democracy.

Today's Creative Commons Valence Electron show aka is live now on tilderadio.org ! I'll post the playlist after the show Thanks for tuning in!


Broke out the blade runner drinking glass. Tonights first beverage is double whisky ginger. I don't normally do cocktails at home.

Get your Acid fix tonight on the Creative Commons Valence Electron Show! We're on for an hour and then it's time for DJ SNOWDUSK and the INTERGALACTIC WASABI HOUR!!! On

It's a good time

tilderadio.org or if you want you can point VLC or mplayer etc at


Here is the link for October 30th.

Got most of the way through the news today. Lots of US news still ends up on the cutting room floor :)


In France there is a run on supplies in the stores before lockdown, and for some reason France24's article just captivated me.

I don't have a new tea to try out today, but I did want to share a tea lesson I learned over the last few weeks and chatting with tea people

Add more leaf, use less heat.

My Iron Goddess of Mercy aka Tieguanyin (铁观音) was ok, but when I used 190F water versus 212F and used 6 grams. The flavors and aromas came to life. It was a really pleasant experience. The second and third infusions were the best.

Hey hey it's Day fourteen of 14 teas 🍵 !! Shucks! This was a fun adventure. I'm going to go to the tea shop today after work 🛒

Today's tea is the one and only Da Hong Pao! 😍

Wikipedia fun fact: In 2006 , the Wuyi city government decided to prohibit anyone from collecting tea from the mother Da Hong Pao tea tree. The last Dahongpao harvested and made from the mother tree has been collected in the Palace Museum in Beijing. So after 2005, the Da Hong Pao on the market are from artificially bred through the asexually produced, which maintained the characteristics of the Da Hong Pao.

Da Hong Pao video : youtube.com/watch?v=BdVU8xEcqx

Brewing of this tea is simple, but I used my special yixing clay teapot and it was a special occasion kind of day. You brew at 100C, do a short rinse, and steep for 30 seconds or so at a time. I was able to enjoy like 5 steeps before I was done with it.

Sad that this round of sample teas has come to an end. The flavors are really interesting. Started off earthy but as time went on lots of floral and sweeter notes sprung up. Really pleasant. Photo includes my cat tea pet.

4.5 / 5

Hey hey it's Day thirteen of 14 teas 🍵 !! after tomorrow tea time is going to be less varietal but I'll still post I think. I've come to enjoy thinking and reading about my tea ahead of consuming it.

Today's tea is Dongting Bi Luo Chun (碧螺春) ! Yes it is a very famous green tea 😉

Wikipedia knowledge: The name Biluochun literally means "green snail spring". It is called so because it is a green tea that is rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail meat, and is cropped in early spring. ... Chinese tea experts regard it very highly. Zhen Jun (1857 to 1918), author of tea encyclopedia Cha Shuo, ranked it first among Chinese green tea. Longjing tea came second, Liu An Gua Pian came third.

I really enjoyed Longjing tea, so I am excited for this one.

Brewing instructions say to use 80C water which is the coolest water yet! Ok let's get our water to the right temperature teavivre.com/info/brew-bi-luo-

My thermometer has a C setting huzzah! Wasn't too hard to dial in. Wow the flavors. First steeping is a little nutty, very light and calming. Maybe just slowing down the mind to think about the flavor is doing it either way welcome effect.

Ok made second steeping and made a mistake! Water was 83C and I thought 3C how small no worries, but after 4.5 minutes the tea was a darker yellow color and bitter. If it was easier to brew like Longjing I think I'd rate it higher than 4 but because you have to be so thoughtful with it I'm going to go lower. This was a fun one!

3.75 / 5

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