Thanks so much for tuning in. This should be the last song. It'll end about 3 minutes early. I didnt want to go over by playing a whole other song. Please stay for Snowdusk at the top of the hour! Much love and appreciation to you all <3

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@fribbledom ouch. hope you dont get a nasty bump on your head

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The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on Tilderadio with me, snowdusk, as your host/DJ, on , in about half hour, 01:00-02:00 UTC, just right after Creative Commons Valence Electron Show with DJ Marcus @mnw Please tune in now and catch DJ Marcus' show

To tune in:

To chat with us on IRC:

See you soon! ✌️

Greetings members of the and listeners of I've got about an hour of music going out now, but alas didn't get any vocal introductions done today. I slept till almost 3pm local time. It's acid tonight. Hope you like it. Please listen to the real deal power dj @snowdusk afterwards.

Links to all the music from tonight's on

1. Drive it like you downloaded it by Stevia Sphere off the Software Piracy Album CC BY

2. Take some time ( to show some love ) by glaciære off their pool water blue album CC BY

3. He's Doing Synthesizers by Lee Rosevere a CC BY NC

4. The album XX 97 17 by A23P is licensed CC BY-NC-SA there were two songs from this record tonight.

5. Proton 42 - Brain Ear J Slug from Sounds for Skeletons (IDMf039) by VA is CC BY SA NC

6. Language off of LHB by The Next Gen is CC BY SA NC

7. Drift off the Digital Crusaders (EP) by Phantasma is CC BY

8. Anyone off Herbal Underground by Ant GM is CC BY SA NC

9. Langax - Acid Myths by Langax CC BY SA NC

10. Periodo Particular - Periodo Particular - slc_nld (Blacky Culta Mix 2020) from V​.​A. - Netlabel Day Compilation [SLC16] by V.A. CC BY SA NC

I've got a or maybe / for you. If you are going to run you need to issue these two commands

sudo mkdir /usr/share/liquidsoap/1.4.1
sudo ln -s /usr/share/liquidsoap/libs /usr/share/liquidsoap/1.4.1/

So that the liquidsoap binary will know where certain things are like mksafe :-) :D I spent all day looking for that.

So then to send out just one file to your mount point you would run

/usr/bin/liquidsoap 'output.icecast(%mp3, host="HOSTNAME", port=XXXX, user="USERNAME", password="PASSWORD", mount="/", on_stop=shutdown, fallible=true, once(mksafe(single("FULLPATHTOYOURFILE.MP3"))))'

I'm not sure how that'll format for mastodon but when I forget this or reformat my computer I'll have a place to look :D :P

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In preparation for moving off Twitch to the new Toobnix LIVE!, I have been moving my Patreon reward beverage dedication videos to the account I will be using for streaming. Follow me there in order to see future streams.


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tonite!! after CCVES with DJ Marcus! Please tune in 0100-0200 UTC

then after the Intergalactic Wasabi is DJ @controlfreak !! 👏👏👏👏

to tune in go to:

chat with us on IRC!

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Apparently just mentioning "" in a channel's topic is enough for the new Freenode admins to join, change the topic, and remove your operator status.

They even devoiced the admin, so he can't talk about what's going on in the channel.

Just wow 🤯

My favorite part of the FAQ,
"Poking fun at how ridiculous infosec clickbait vulnerability reporting has become lately. Just because it has a flashy website or it makes the news doesn't mean you need to care." Whole site was a good read.

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Self-Repair Manifesto
Let's take back our right to repair! Help us get this manifesto posted in every workshop, hacker space, and garage in the world!

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Did you know that anyone can start the translation to a new language on Weblate? Just make an account and then click the "Start new translation" button on the project page:

Someone just started the translation to Indonesian! Thank you so much ❤️

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