Haven’t found much of public interest yet, but a bunch of floppies with software that my grandfather wrote in the 1990ies. 😲

Also these lovely little listings. Zoom in, they were printed on a dot matrix printer.

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Today’s task: Sifting through this to see if there’s anything “of value” in there.

Got a little surprise gift, a “squeeze filler” fountain pen. (The person who gave it to me thought it was just a pen, didn’t really care.) As I do calligraphy from time to time, I happen to own a few flasks of ink! Now, let’s see how much of a mess we can make …


Why I love the Finnish language: No grammatical gender (easier to learn, less politics), written almost exactly as spoken, simpler alphabet (no diacritics, no ambiguities like in some languages, e.g. in German “f”, “v”, and “ph” can sound exactly the same), numbers follow a simple and consistent pattern, and finally, sounds awesome. Why I hate it: Kirjakieli (written Finnish) vs. Puhekieli (spoken), you basically have to learn two languages. 🤦

Some vacation coming up. I think I’ll do a feature freeze on all of my (currently unreleased) projects and only do refactoring, simplification, stabilization. 👷

Some House, perhaps? 🥰 // Snake Sedrick & Andro - She Is My Destiny // youtube.com/watch?v=-jozZ_xJ-0

I have way too many articles in my “read later” queue. I need a different strategy.

… because `persist` doesn’t work on Linux (yet). I see.

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Someone remind me real quick why I’m still using sudo instead of doas.

GTK now shows what you’re typing while using the Compose key 🎉

Just noticed I don’t even have CVS installed anymore. Good riddance.

Great song for beginners like me 🎸 Basically just 3 riffs, but it’s still awesome 🤘 // Monolord - Empress Rising // youtube.com/watch?v=rCc901E02e youtube.com/watch?v=jtW1j6RT1a


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