Playing with map projections and satellite tracking again, and realizing my screen is too small to actually show this off.

@movq Unrelated: That’s a nice desktop/WM! Would you mind telling me what it is? Thanks!

@joerebelloharley It’s a lot of stuff I wrote over the years. WM is katriawm:

The bars are bevelbar + infofeld2:

It’s probably not that easy to set up, I guess, but feel free to give it a shot. I wrote it mostly for myself and to learn how all that stuff works.

@movq Ah, thanks anyway, I like the ‘retro’ look, it appeals, a little bit like CDE

@joerebelloharley Yeah, CDE was kind of the template for these decorations. 😊 (The WM *behaves* much more like dwm, though.)

@movq I love CDE, but it doesn’t work properly on Mint; I’d love a CDE-style desktop that works much better than CDE.
Making it work like DWM is probably a wise choice however ;)

@joerebelloharley I’m not surprised. CDE is pretty bit and simply shows its age. I mean, they even have their own shell … (Or have they replaced it yet? Not sure, I’m not following the mailing list too closely anymore.)

I used CDE for a brief moment in 2012, but ooof, it’s heavy and old.

@movq Yeah, it’s a shame. I may use it on FreeBSD some day, but not right now.

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