Playing with map projections and satellite tracking again, and realizing my screen is too small to actually show this off.

Guess I should have included the machine in the video, because context matters. That thing is from around 1995 and still kicking.

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Yet another short trip into nostalgia land today.

Aaaand then back to reality. Shortly after, Netscape crashed and took the entire Win3.11 with it. Yeah, well, modern systems *are* better.

Haven’t found much of public interest yet, but a bunch of floppies with software that my grandfather wrote in the 1990ies. 😲

Also these lovely little listings. Zoom in, they were printed on a dot matrix printer.

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Today’s task: Sifting through this to see if there’s anything “of value” in there.

GTK now shows what you’re typing while using the Compose key 🎉

masto instance for the tildeverse