Weiß ja jetzt auch nicht so recht, was ich mit diesem Account machen soll. Ist so halb tot. 🥴

@chmod777 What do you mean, “skip”? Wasn’t “salvation through suffering” one of the influences of the UNIX philosophy? 🙃

Rewatching Star Trek TNG. “The Naked Now” is probably the worst episode ever made. 🤦😬🙄

IDE power connectors are the worst.

I’m really starting to like OpenMP. Especially when I’m doing simple graphics stuff, where each pixel is processed independently. Throw in a ``, boom, speed-up of a factor of 3.5-3.8 on my quad core. 🤯

Anniversary today: 2020-03-12 was the last day I worked at the office. 100% remote since then. 🧑‍💻

I run a Matrix server for my family, so that we don’t have to use WhatsApp or similar. Now, I always call it “Matrix”. They call it “Element”. Always irks me a tiny little bit. 🥴

I just hope none of you were customers of OVH.

These days, I discover a lot of awesome music through Jered’s channel: youtube.com/watch?v=mAUoCgliTQ

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Song of the day! I only wish it was longer! 🤯 // Lowrider - Ode to Ganymede // youtube.com/watch?v=hpMHEQSl4h

@joerebelloharley I’m not surprised. CDE is pretty bit and simply shows its age. I mean, they even have their own shell … (Or have they replaced it yet? Not sure, I’m not following the mailing list too closely anymore.)

I used CDE for a brief moment in 2012, but ooof, it’s heavy and old. uninformativ.de/desktop/2012-0

@joerebelloharley Yeah, CDE was kind of the template for these decorations. 😊 (The WM *behaves* much more like dwm, though.)

@joerebelloharley It’s a lot of stuff I wrote over the years. WM is katriawm:


The bars are bevelbar + infofeld2:


It’s probably not that easy to set up, I guess, but feel free to give it a shot. I wrote it mostly for myself and to learn how all that stuff works.

Playing with map projections and satellite tracking again, and realizing my screen is too small to actually show this off.

Minor panic attack: A family member asks for remote IT support and opens with “I can’t find TeamViewer!” 😱

Netzwerkschluckauf bei netcup, huh?

re: ISO-8601 

@joerebelloharley While we’re at it: Never omit the timezone (unless it’s absolutely clear that it’s local time).

Guess I should have included the machine in the video, because context matters. That thing is from around 1995 and still kicking.

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Yet another short trip into nostalgia land today.

Aaaand then back to reality. Shortly after, Netscape crashed and took the entire Win3.11 with it. Yeah, well, modern systems *are* better.

Probably the best mix of all times … 😍 // Sima Deep - Make Me Flow // youtube.com/watch?v=hvbe1bBsPl

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