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Some vacation coming up. I think I’ll do a feature freeze on all of my (currently unreleased) projects and only do refactoring, simplification, stabilization. 👷

Some House, perhaps? 🥰 // Snake Sedrick & Andro - She Is My Destiny //

I have way too many articles in my “read later” queue. I need a different strategy.

… because `persist` doesn’t work on Linux (yet). I see.

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Someone remind me real quick why I’m still using sudo instead of doas.

GTK now shows what you’re typing while using the Compose key 🎉

Just noticed I don’t even have CVS installed anymore. Good riddance.

Great song for beginners like me 🎸 Basically just 3 riffs, but it’s still awesome 🤘 // Monolord - Empress Rising //

masto instance for the tildeverse