There should be a word for the cupped way one puts down a phone if one does not want to accidentally hit "send".

In my next life I wish to come back as Stevie Nicks

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i have been forcibly reminded the voyager plates basically constitute a mixtape, unsolicited nudes, and directions to where we live

I felt really satisfied with my poetry until I started actually looking at the texts from the last 300 years posted by @biodiversitypix and realized how many editor/publisher introductions included superior poetry that got buried by history inside vessels that never bloomed.

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@jk I see I'm not the only one who keeps olfactory temporal anchors in a bag.

Self-Checkout kiosks at the pharmacy has allowed me the brazenness to purchase just lubricant and a Monster Energy Drink in a way that human cashiers could never have allowed.

2021 version of the "Oldies" radio station is having every song you ask Alexa to play from Spotify being a Remastered Version.

subtooting your soul en francais 

J'espère, pour vous, la douce paix, la sécurité de l'esprit et l'équilibre qui se stabilise. Je vous aime.

If you are able to dump the guilt that inevitably builds up, and see through the lens of gratitude, you can break through the silence and the walls, and connect to the people who have brought you joy and connection and acceptance. But first, you must defeat demon of guilt. And this is difficult beyond words. Noone may do it easily.

Deep Rock Galactic Video Game Thoughts 

Dreadnought Hiveguard has a glowing pink bussy

My dwarf avatar in Deep Rock Galactic is a beautiful snowflake that I will go to any lengths to protect.

Pfizered by thots giving shots in a sterilized college gymnasium.

I feel as though there must be a word in German for watching your DoorDash delivery driver obsessively as they wend their way towards you, on the live Google Map.

Cisgendered white male here, father of two afab, 8 and 10. Haven't let them TikTok, or have roaming service, yet. Caught the next door neighbor (age: 11) putting them on her TikTok doing innocent tricks on the trampoline. I know that's fine, but they were being covert about it. The lesson I learned was that they need to own TikTok and not be owned by neighbors. I am sad for civilization at large that this has to become a part of parenting.

Glancing at my character sheet I note that I have a Negative Trait of Far Too Ambiguous Most Of The Time.

Given enough noose, the sky is the limit from which I'll be hanged

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all I'm saying is that a railroad has never been blocked by a big boat

Anyone else take their shirt off before eating wings or

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