perfect bartender accurately gauges the size of one entire mouthful, pours that

There are two kinds of bath:
1) I don't know why I poured an entire glass of wine for this, I'm hot and sweaty and I want to get out. I'll just shower off and towel off and call it.
2) How do I turn the faucet with my foot to refill and reheat, 3 times

It seems likely to me that bagged milk, yogurt, and cheese would all be things of horror to cows if they knew

Star Wars is about teamwork and laser guns

does anyone have a copy of ogdo 3a they can lend me

a linux desktop window manager with a suite of utility softwares, but optimized for vertical displays so that VPN+RDP isn't such a sideways-scrolling slog from my phone

A TV show hot take, non-spoiler for plot, spoiler for my innate petulance 

The Witcher is unreasonably good in its script, using all sorts of wonderfully evocative words, but sometimes I must turn on subtitles to understand the nuanced meanings correctly. They use such uncommon words in such an efficient way, its rhythms are unfamiliar and occasionally unparseable to my ears. I thought I was good at words, but the show makes me play catch-up all the damned time.

All you have to do is keep your sword close, and keep moving.

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I wonder what Tolkien would have felt about The Witcher, his great grandchild.

This is the space between breaths,
the universe suddenly static, on pause. The cavernous silence of a tomb surrounds me,
everything hangs mid-flight, defiant.

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@georgespolitzer John cyber-walked over to his hyper-console to log into his meta-mail. in there he found a omni-dm from his MegaLandlord telling him hes late on neorent

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Games are a sense-memory of a multipolar posthuman future, dampened by a combination of normative semiotics and managerial trends

many things I am grateful for
many things I despair

perfume is a lie we tell about how our bodies smell

is there anything more graceful than a park squirrel?

Always eyeball the room, scanning for Chekhov's gun.

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