No new Praise Then Darkness today (on due to life issues. I am not dead or in jail or anything (I suppose I probably would not be writing this if I was.) See you next week. ​❤️🙏​

Well at least Wisconsin finally got rid of all the last of its sodomy laws in like 1982 or something, and gay marriage was made legal on a state level in 2014. Sux about that 1849 abortion law though, I’m sure the gerrymandered-in Republican legislature will let us do something about that

the democrats had months of forewarning about this thanks to a *literally unprecedented* leak of a scotus draft. and the only thing they managed to do was... increase protection for scotus judges. and now they're all acting like its a surprise. do you really think they see this as anything more than a fundraising opportunity?


Demedicalize abortion. This is not the 1970s. Mifepristone + misoprostol pills are safe and effective. The majority of people seeking abortions are capable of using them without the involvement of healthcare professionals. Especially since the pandemic, abortion providers have been providing telehealth abortions by mailing pills, with no need for medical tests in most cases. Please boost.

"If you don't move out of a red state you're just bringing this on yourself" is a take that is nothing but pure classism and racism. Punish those posting anything like it with extreme prejudice - your own self included.

This goes double for "if you don't move out of the USA...", too.

USPol A modest proposal 

- Simple: send me a Paypal and I'll express mail morning after pills straight from Europe. No questions asked.

- More elaborate: sign up for a secure web site and I will pair you with a person willing to the same.

- Perfect: use Tor to connect to a hidden service and we will do the same.

They can't open every single mail, right?

Who is with me?

Soon! Today, Tuesday, 23:00 UTC (6:00 Central NA time,) Praise Then Darkness Ep. 50: For The Love Of All That’s Holy. Tune in for some rock, folk, country, a little reading and pontificating. On of

UGH God I have this coworker who keeps asking me to cover for her (for no specified reason like "hey I'm sick" or anything) like the day before the shift. I have done it before but it's like every week now, and, I mean, no, I have a life and schedule and plans, I'm not keen on dropping everything and running to work just... because?

Almost NOW! 23:00 UTC Tuesday (that’s 6:00 PM Central time,) join me at of for Praise Then Darkness Ep. 49: Summer is icumen in. Meet me by the water for some summer tunes! Rock, Pop, etc. See you there!

Anybody have any advice for a co-op house that’s looking to run a server of its own (email domain, message board stuff, media sharing etc.) on a budget?

Went to a Narcan training tonight; if you live in an area where you might possibly encounter somebody who has overdosed, I recommend it as a possible community service / could save a life. If you’re not comfortable with injecting stuff, you can get nasal spray also. I learned a lot

FUCK I went upstairs to take some ibuprofen because bee/wasp/hornet sting (it was dark yesterday,) and I accidentally took my meds because that’s “pills.” It’s not dangerous or anything but gdi

much like 2020, a lot of "the left" is ignoring the need for drastic action that needs to be taken wrt attacks on queer people and reproductive autonomy. don't pay attention to people telling you that we need some ultimate "mass movement" all we have is now and right here

A 16 transgender boy tried to kill himself after his family was put under investigation for child abused because he was receiving gender-affirming care. He went to the psych ward; when staff learned he was getting hormone therapy, they turned his family in to CPS. When I say things are getting genocidal for trans people, I’m not being hyperbolic

Almost NOW! 23:00 UTC, Tuesday - Praise Then Darkness Ep. 48: Kickin' It Off. Songs of a queer and anarchist and etc. nature - punk, folk-punk, country, hip-hop, even a little black metal. On of . Tune in if your ears are free and join us in COM if your fingers are free.

Happy Pride! And Wrath!

Last time I saw a car like this it was in a Richard Scarry book, and the worm driving it was having a busy day.

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