I'm on right now! lol. been crazy. 23:00 Tuesdays, as usual, anonradio.net of SDF. Praise Then Darkness: Disorder in the House / Gone Fishin'

Come on by!

Back on the air I am! Right now, 23:00 Tuesday, Praise Then Darkness: 90s.. Time of Day. Come join in on some 90s tunes from lively frigid Wisconsin. anonradio.net of SDF

Negative for Covid (thus far), positive for being 34 fucking years old

This was kind of nice to get in my inbox this morning; this was something I did years ago. Wild to hear from this guy.

on anonradio.net - now! - Praise Then Darkness 27: Mood Music. Come by if you want to, I'm hanging out in com.

Welp. Positive Covid result in the house. We dodged it for two years, I guess it was likely to happen at some point. Went and got tested yesterday - from when she noticed symptoms and the incubation time, about right - negative for me so far. Got a surprise booster shot at least. Have been drafted / drafted myself into making house meals and delivering to those self-isolating… Got bottles of alcohol spray and so on around, weird to have the house such a ghost town, relatively speaking. There… is actually some major “drama” (understandable issues) over a second positive result who is somebody’s kid, and the concerns seem to be already justified, but no fun going into all that right now too :-/

Coming up in a few minutes! Praise Then Darkness: Kickin' Off The Holidays. This week, a Christmas show, because next week falls right on the solstice. Folk music and carols - American, Canadian, Slavic, German, a bit from the UK. Come one, come all! on anonradio.net of SDF

Honestly shocked that so much of Twitter apparently *didn’t* know that Nancy Reagan was the blowjob queen of Hollywood, I thought this was basically common knowledge lol

Soon, at 23:00 UTC, Tuesday (today!) - Praise Then Darkness: It’s Elemental. Theme being the elements: lots of 80s music for some reason. Come one, come all; tune in if your ears are free, join us in COM if your fingers are free. anonradio.net, powered by SDF

I am skeptical that I have lost 4 inches (waist) since moving to Wisconsin (same store)

Today, soon, new time slot! 23:00, that’s 5:00 PM in Wisconsin (CST). Praise Then Darkness: For The Love Of God! Music and poetry about God & Co. Tune in if your ears are free (anonradio.net of SDF), and join us in COM if your hands are free.

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