Anybody have any advice for a co-op house that’s looking to run a server of its own (email domain, message board stuff, media sharing etc.) on a budget?

@northernlights yunohost on contabo would be 5€/mo
12CAD/yr for a domain name and Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your Aunt! :-)

@northernlights you can look at e.g. hetzner, DO and wherever but compare what you get, not just if it's 4$usd/mo

@northernlights have you played with yunohost? I always have had 'real' servers, but I find I actually like being babysat! :-)
Have a play around with it at home - or buy a server for just a month to dick around with.
You run a curl script. type 'y' and drool...
you log in to a web gui. it sends you back and forth to contabo's very lovely dns gui. In like a half hour you have postfix and a couple of users set up. Then click and drool your way to other installs of things like peer tube and blogs w/e.
You *may* want to go harder than the minimum for a large household though. Have a play about and see.

@gemlog @northernlights i use #yunohost and it's great.

I selfhost: gotosocial, nextcloud, xmpp, send, photoprism x 2, jellyfin

yunohost is a really good option on a vps or an old local computer (latter can be slightly tricky depending on how much your internet provider blocks ports though)

@northernlights i wouldn't do email hosting at home, some people say they don't care but hosting email at dynamic addresses is not recommended as many other servers might flag it as spam.

@northernlights Got an old computer of any sort? Even if it's partially broken (e.g. laptop screen), it makes a great server!

If you can get a static IP from your ISP, you can host shit on it directly, for free (unless your ISP charges you for the IP). Otherwise get a $5-a-month VPS and throw Wireguard on it, bam, bouncepad for external critters to connect to which you can then relay to your in-house server.

@northernlights Benefit of your server being physically in the house: set up your router DNS to point that domain to the server's internal LAN address, and everyone can get to it on LAN!

@northernlights i have a raspberry pi 3 running (Arm) Arch linux which does all this and more without breaking a sweat - but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone without previous experience administering linux servers

@northernlights don't run your own email. (I use fastmail at $5/mailbox, but there's plenty of good providers.)

The rest of it, depends on money vs hours plays out for you, and your specific requirements.

@northernlights it's been a long time since i've had to think about the setup stuff but all of that is doable on any random computer you might have around; the main obstacle will be a bad ISP interfering with email/web ports.

If you can spare the effort, set up a vpn (not one of those paid scam services, a real one like wireguard or openvpn) and use that as access control for the bits you don't want exposed to the world.

@northernlights email domain on its own is really hard because of the regular blacklisting of residential and VPS IP blocks, but a raspberry pi 4 (or earlier model if you don't need the media sharing necessarily) or even an old junker laptop can pull a surprising amount of weight as a server

@northernlights shelter me in your night sky coop and I'll bring my raspberry, scavenge NAS, wireguard tunnel, porkbun domain, and sysadmin expertise and host it all for you lmao

(the previous stuff is what I like/recommend)

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