Kurt Cobain was just a fucked up kid with bipolar disorder from nowhere, WA (Aberdeen) from a divorced poor “white trash” family (and was homeless for a bit) who got stupid famous by a fluke for a few years and actually hated it, by all accounts was a sweetheart who could be difficult on rare occasions (comes with the condition), let the man rest in peace FFS

Is it normal to be drinking and start to love and miss somebody who became abusive and at some point terrifyingly so? I mean I also have sort of this disease where I never stop loving people

@gemlog Sounds alright, haha. I had some housemates who came up with some pretty interesting hot dog dishes in college, haha. My friend Andy was also a big fan of fried Spam sandwiches lol - and introduced me to them one winter. I was one to break vegetarianism on rare occasions in instances of hospitality, heh

“Uffda” (I think it’s supposed to be “uff da”) is such an interesting Norwegian word/phrase; you might say it when you lift something heavy, when you get a blast of heat from the wood stove in your face, or right when you hear somebody died. Maybe that’s why it can survive a couple hundred years of immigration

@gemlog @tsoi2lam4 @clacke @snowdusk @wim_v12e I’ve only *taught* Russian. :-) Not really qualified to teach the others, although at one point in dire need I probably could have managed first year Polish haha (teaching)

@gemlog I’ll take a look; I’m currently drinking and listening to The Little Mermaid lol. I was texting with my friend Andy, I was thinking we might talk on the phone, who knows with that guy haha

@northernlights @mnw Well, the forested areas away from the WA peninsula and the coast, lol, as far as the wildfires go. As I said, the climates and biomes vary immensely

@northernlights @mnw There are also definitely places in the rural places in the rural PNW where you’re relatively close to civilization, but it is bigger and more spread out. The climate is less severe, but I suppose like I said, there are wildfires to think about in the forested areas, and the desert areas probably have some of the same considerations as West Texas, although perhaps a bit less severe.

@mnw Oh, Oregon has plenty of very rural areas, as does Washington. I suppose Oregon or further south in Washington isn’t quite as close to Canada if you want that for some reason, haha. (Close is close but no cigar.) Oregon and Washington are very big and vary *wildy* in climate and biome, though. Also, the very rural parts are really quite cheap, it’s not like it’s Portland or Seattle or something.

@mnw You wouldn’t be doing much gardening in the middle of nowhere in West Texas though...

The anarcho-sweetie has logged on (well, when sanity is in place)

@mnw @gemlog I suppose wildfires wouldn't be as much of a concern on the WA peninsula or out near the coast. TBH living on the peninsula might be a little much for me, but idk. It's definitely very pretty

@mnw @gemlog Wouldn't there be the same risk in West Texas then, if it's the state government? But I suppose it didn't sound like you were looking to live in West Texas either. Oregon and Washington are nice, but wildfires are a thing and haven't been getting any better. There's always, like, Maine and Vermont if you can do winter. Not a lot of natural disasters to worry about there, just crazy-ass storms

@mnw @gemlog Well, there's East Texas, I suppose, if you don't want to go super far away. But yeah I mean otherwise you'd have to go quite a ways to get past all the arid parts...

@mnw @gemlog Rain, actually. :-) They do sometimes get some snow as well

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