The newest #FireFox no longer shows FTP sites.

Would it be possible to mitigate this terrible decision by setting up an FTP server in a way that it produces HTML files via http?

(Searching for such a solution, I just get pages for dummies explaining that your browser can display a FTP site.)


@VictorVenema Use something other than Firefox, then. It's not the sites that are in the wrong, it's the browser, so change the browser, not the sites. There must be some good GUI and TUI clients out there.

@nothien Our system administrator suggested FireFox was just the first to do it, but others would follow. #FTPdeath

@VictorVenema If "FTP Death" occurs, it will just spawn a new set of applications dedicated to supporting FTP, as developers using things like Firefox for FTP are inspired to write their own software for it.

Also, I know that Lynx and cURL supports FTP, and they seem quite dedicated to supporting older protocols. There's no need to panic, and not for a long, long while.

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