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I am psychologically ⅓ Unix greybeard, ⅓ Libre software evangelical, and ⅓ dad nostalgic for retro games and tech (and 100% dragon :P); but unfortunately I'm in the body of a gen Y/Z techbro, the type of person you'd imagine when thinking of someone who programs webshits or “AI” for FAANG (or whatever the new abbreviation is).

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Finally got around to commissioning a ref sheet for myself! Look at that handsome fella!

🎨 by dreiko94 on FA

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remember that you should keep your important floppy disks on the fridge with a magnet so you don't forget where they are.

Is there an actually POSIX awk implementation? I know gawk has a POSIX-enable flag but to be honest I really don't trust it to be actually POSIX.

Writing Lua but using basically the same style as C

I even went and found a getopt(3) clone for Lua lol

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The most effort I’ve EVER put into a painting; it’d mean so much to me to hear what you guys think!

Finished painting for @monsterblue ! <3 thanks so much!

Want to support me?
Commission info!

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good morning to everyone except the latest wave of buttcoin purveyors to invade the fediverse

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DAMN YOU SONY for making something exactly like what I want but making it just an ereader instead of a PDA/ereader!

I don't really drink alcohol that much.

I chug.

It's always fun to think about the possibility (however slim) of me encountering somebody I talk with regularly online IRL. Like unless there was some dead-obvious giveaway we'd never know.

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(Images are behind a CW: snake images).

Excited to finally get to meet the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Singapore, on 25 Sept 2021. It was moving about just below the boardwalk, looking for food, giving me a close (and safe) view of it. It was more than 2 metres long, as the last picture shows.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Reptiles #Reptilia #Snakes #Serpentes

I really wish I found a higher level programming language I genuinely like all around. Most of the ones I generally like to program in are not portable at all (which is the antithesis of my main goals when programming stuff), the portable ones all suck to actually program in, and the few remaining have other issues that make me avoid using them.

I don't like C all-around but it feels like one of the only languages where the good stuff aligns with what I want and the bad stuff is minor or avoidable.

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Palm OS apps 

Some apps that I've found to be good:

CardTXT - very good text editor that can work directly on SD card and in plain text
Converter - Unit converter that even includes donkeys as a unit of power
HandyShopper - nice shopping list app
Manana - todo list for your maybe one day ideas
TiBR - well done minimal ebook reader app, has the necessities like bookmarks, saving your spot on exit, autoscroll

I'm trying out Palm Graffiti on my phone and wow, it's very different without a stylus.

The next major GNOME update should delete everything on your hard drives then play the “you've been gnomed” video on repeat forever. Bonus points if it overwrites your EFI partition or BIOS so the video plays every boot.

RedLetterMedia is making me want to watch some John Carpenter movies again

I've discovered bit of a pixpet sequence break, I can just play “Roodoku” a whole bunch every day and get a ton of coins that presumably they don't expect you to get this early

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