i read through the rust by example book a bit today. as a language i actually kind-of like rust. i still don't like the community (abandoning portable c libraries and rewriting in not-portable rust is shitty), the cargo build system is the worst (and it's mandatory, no way to use another build system easily), crates is worse than npm in terms of horrific and stupid dependencies, and there is no spec and the compiler is so complex that it'd be impossible to write your own, but the language itself is okay.

@nytpu There must be some kind of life cycle to novel languages.

They seem to go through a few years where they're obscure and no one uses them in production.

A couple years where everyone is gung-ho that this language is going to soon be replacing everything! They write everything from embedded programs to bash scripts in it.

Rust has entered that stage, where I see more and more posts reflecting your sentiment: Meh, it's another language.

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