I get Arch's whole minimalist thing, I really do. But not even providing man-db in Base? C'mon people. That's just absurd.

@sullybiker holy shit base is so absurd: archlinux.org/packages/core/an

i mean, i understand that the entire point of base is purely to provide the necessary utilities to install more packages and you're not supposed to actually be using it to do anything else, but you'd think being at least equivalent in utilities to a heavily gutted busybox compile.


@sullybiker the kernel itself is an optional dependency for installing arch wtf

@nytpu Correction manpages are there but no tool to read them lmao

@nytpu There is a reason for that being the case though. It is an optional dependency since maybe you would want to use another kernel to install arch (like linux-zen or whatever).

As I remember they made that desicion to allow more freedom for the end-user when they install arch.
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