so, a few years ago i tried out spacemacs and when it took 10 seconds to start up i just said "yeah, no" and went back to vim. i didn't have the time to configure it or anything like that, i decided to try it out at a very busy time and just left it. well, i just installed doom emacs and… uh oh, it's exactly what i'm looking for: emacs magic, but with actually good vim editor keybinds (also works ootb so i can use sensible defaults while i'm still figuring everything out).

uh oh is all i can say, i can see productive work going away for a few weeks in lieu of micromanaging configuration, just like when i first started using vim

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@nytpu I used vim exclusively for a good ~5 years, then switched to emacs. I tried spacemacs, but I was already using vanilla emacs by then, so it never stuck.

I saw doom emacs relatively recently, and it looked very good. I don't care about the vim-compatible key bindings per se; but the whole approach to managing packages and whatever else it does just struck me as very well designed.

There is a chance that one day I will give it a go.

I'm glad it's working for you!

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