I'm collecting anecdotes on why people like for a persuasive mini-essay on why to use Gemini, anyone have anything they wouldn't mind me quoting them on?

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@nytpu if I don't like my browser I can implement a new one :)
Also I don't have to use so many bloated specs

@nytpu I publish on #Gemini because I want to provide my users alternatives ways to access my blog:

- they have a security and privacy guarantee (TLS is enforced)
- they can use old hardware or phone
- they can choose the way it will look for them

And as an admin:

- running an HTTPS server is getting more and more complicated due to complex headers
- Allowing readers to automatically use a dark theme on their web browser was not easy
- I wrote my own gemini server that fits my security needs

@nytpu For me, one of the greatest aspect of #gemini is that it is made to focus on content.
No monetization around ads and tracking create a space where people can focus on what they want to read and/or write about, in a non-intrusive and non-distracting access to content…

@nytpu I have started to blog years ago on platform built with XMPP/Jabber support. Now I’m writing on my #Gemini capsule. Then, and today the reason is the same. It’s interesting idea which involving interesting peoples. You don't have to search for them, just select a random #Gemlog.

@nytpu It's been a breath of fresh air coming from the web of today. I get to control the presentation of the content, and there is nothing that gets in my way of reading the content. It's just content. It's what I wanted.

@nytpu it just works. No cookies/tracking/ads or broken web standards. It's simply your content presented in the way you want it to be. Also it's very fast since it's text-only, especially useful if your internet connection is trash. Also all the people around there are nice and friendly and there are great spots to get your own capsule started for free. This shouldn't just co-exist with the web, it should be default for everyone.

@nytpu I'm happy to share this short anecdote of mine from a few days ago and since then I moved my capsule to a smol Raspberry Pi attached to my home router

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