MIT Press wants me to rent the ebook version of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Second Edition. You pieces of shit, its a CC BY-SA book, you can go fuck yourselves. If you want me to pay for it then put it back in print you assholes

In retrospect I probably could've been a little less vulgar in expressing this but it made me frothingly angry that they're trying to do pull a textbook publisher artificial scarcity scam on a free creative commons book.

Like, at least when I license stuff under copyleft it's specifically so it can be disseminated to anyone who wants it and so there's no artificial scarcity crap around it. I would legit buy a hard copy new though if it was still in print

@nytpu I would pay just to support the author who published it under a free license.

@arh Yeah, but I would still want to actually buy it rather than rent it. If I'm getting it digitally then I'd try to buy it directly from the authors rather than through a publisher too.

@arh @nytpu If you want to support the author, especially a textbook author, buying the book is probably the worst way to do it. Royalties are insultingly low, and textbook publishers are the fucking worst.

@arh I wish I had a good answer to that, one that didn't involve the need for systemic change. Let me think on that. @nytpu


Short of doing away with capitalism, make sure that academics are paid well with ample time for research and writing. It's sad how many colleges and universities fail in this regard (it's also partly why I'm changing careers). Also, replace predatory textbook publishers with academic cooperatives that publish textbooks at cost and fund the operations, authors, and research through public funding, grants, and public support such as croudfunding. Give it the same priority and support that open source software often gets. @nytpu

@emma Yeah, I found one. I was actually looking for an epub, they're on

@nytpu No doubt, "selling" a CC BY-SA ebook is immoral.

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