While I'm quite enamored with the idea @zce came up with for a hardware-customizable fantasy console, it's… uh… very ambitious to say the least. I think I'm going to try writing a more standard console first and see how that turns out. I'm planning stuff out, so far I'm figuring out Lua integration and its flavor of assembly.

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The asm is probably going to be a hybrid of the Game Boy DMG and the TI-99/4A since I'm most familiar with those two consoles, but the asm will be without both of those CPUs' downsides.

Looking at how Lua works when integrating into C, I'll probably be able to follow through with my plan to "downclock" Lua to force using asm for performance bottlenecks or for high performance games

Graphically I think I'm going to have 4 layers to draw on: a background layer, a sprite layer, a "vector" layer, and possibly a "window" layer. I'll have the sprites and vector layer be mutually exclusive, so you can use one or the other. The background will obviously be behind, and the "window" will act like a foreground layer that can be used to have stuff cover sprites, mask out stuff, etc.

For the vector layer, I think I'll go with the "Vectrex" style where you have a beam that you can move to whatever point on a grid you want, and you can set flags to have it be off (00), on - thin (01), or on - thick (11).

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