@tindall Linux is hard to develop for?

I have zero fucking idea where to even begin with Windows. :blobugh:

@Jo @tindall

Fun fact: if you use Wine and the mingw cross compiler, you can do Windows dev without having to touch Windows.

@suetanvil @tindall I feel like that would be revenge on every game dev that shit out a Linux version of their game without properly testing it. :blob_laughing:

@Jo @tindall

FWIW, I generally don't resent gamedevs for cheaping out on the Linux port. Linux is on <2% of PCs and not really friendly to running shrinkwrapped binaries out of the box so from a cost-benefit PoV, I'm surprised *anyone* ports games to it at all.


@suetanvil Or you just do what Steam does and say “We only support Ubuntu LTS xx.xx, it might work on your distro but we won't provide any support if it doesn't.”

@Jo @tindall

@nytpu @Jo @tindall

That pretty much what everyone who ships Linux binaries does. That and build against the oldest version available.

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