@kelbot What sort of PalmOS software are you downloading? Other than a few games and software that's caught my eye I don't really have any idea what to look for specifically and figured I could take inspiration from what you're downloading.

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@nytpu So far I've downloaded a 600MB archive of tons of stuff just in case there's something I want in there :). Other than that I'm mostly browsing for things that might be fun or useful. Some puzzle games, plucker, this palmorb thing. I saw this animation program that might be fun to play with.

Funny, I was actually checking out the sourcecode for palmorb to see if I could just repurpose the UI to be more general instead of emulating an LCD specifically but the code is really bad (and in CVS!) so I probably won't be doing that.

I already had Plucker. And by the archive do you mean that's the size of stuff you downloaded or that you found a massive archive somewhere?

@nytpu I found a torrent that is a ~650MB rar file of all kinds of programs. Some with serial numbers and cracks to enable full versions.

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