Does anyone have any good learning resources for hand-writing parsers without things like yacc and lex?

@Johann150 @oz @aexiruch

Since pretty much everyone mentioned Crafting Interpreters ( that tells me it must either be the best or it's the only thing out there. Either way I'll check it out, thanks!

@theruran @nytpu There's always Niklaus Wirth's Compiler Construction book as well, which is available online via the Project Oberon website.

I'll definitely check that out too, I've been meaning to find the time to learn at least the basics about compiling and linking.


@nytpu @Johann150 @oz Oh, there's other excellent ones, but CI is *very* accessible, modern, and available for free from the author (though I have paid for both physical and ebook copy, to support the author)

@nytpu I like parser combinators but they only work well in some languages
otherwise probably just read parsers for existing languages since a lot of even the big ones are handwritten

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