I really dislike the trend of modern programming languages to get more and more special-character-heavy and have dozens of unintelligible modifier symbols. Give me Ada with like five punctuation marks, or any Lisp with everything nice and regular. Ada attributes and aspects are basically equivalent to those modifiers except they actually tell you what the fuck they do instead of being randomly selected APL symbols.

@nytpu i love how verbose forth is :3 it feels more human

@nytpu I think languages should stop taking these things seriously, discrete units/words/whatever should be up to the interpretation of the text editor you use, not the compiler.


Ada Reference Manual 2012 Introduction, paragraph 6 and 7.

I like "Programming as a human activity"...
> Ada was originally designed with three overriding concerns: program reliability and maintenance, *programming as a human activity*, and efficiency.

Here too, interesting.
> The need for languages that promote reliability and simplify maintenance is well established. Hence emphasis was placed on program readability over ease of writing.


Personally, I really dislike the ternary operator "A ? B : C". In Ada seems more readable to me (parenthesis must be there!):

Area := (if Is_Circular then Pi * Radius**2 else Length * Height);

It says that similar construct exists for "case" and "for".

And the usual "in":

X in 1 .. 10 | 12
Shape in Polygon'Class

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