bruh my uncle told me that i should learn javascript and a javascript framework if i want to get good job in programming. yeah, thanks, but no thanks. if the only way to get a decent job programming is to learn javascript, i'm just going to switch into engineering right now.

plus, in terms of "valuable" skills that aren't a dime a dozen, i'm pretty sure javascript is about last on that list.

@w96k As for why there aren't more implementations, it's probably just because there's not a whole lot more you could do. Scheme has a variety of extensions, and you've got fancy compilers/transpilers like chicken scheme, etc, but with go it's hard to think of some way you could improve it with your own implementation other than completely stripping google out of it. If anything, go needs a better competitor to rather than a new compiler.

@w96k the spec itself is pretty simple and small (, but i guess some of the implementation could be a little complex (goroutines, channels, and the such).

If you scanned the main go repo (, that includes the standard library, which is pretty big (, but that's not technically part of the compiler, and you use their standard library on your own compiler if you wanted.

Also, that main go repo is for the go utility, which has a shitton of stuff in it, it's not just the compiler. It has a documentation browser, source formatting utility, code generator, dependency installation and management, a whole test suite, the whole nine yards. See:

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new gemlog post:
self-hosting git; or, how git servers actually work, and how to keep yours secure


cc: @aw

i had to finish some stuff for school last night and had my laptop on my bed because i didn't feel like sitting at my desk, and at some point i fell asleep and woke up when i kicked my laptop off the bed. the laptop's fine, but the bizarre thing is that i didn't remember falling asleep. one second i'm trying to work and the next second i'm lying down and groggily trying to figure out what that loud noise was. just a bizarre experience.

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> be python
> scripting language
> have packages that take >100x longer to compile than the native C/etc alternatives
ah yes

there. is now set up, i just have to finish writing my css and migrating my repos over.

i also (finally) got golang-package-server ( set up for so i can host my go library when i finish it.

next order of business is to get public-inbox ( set up, and then i'll be completely self-hosting my git setup.

@greyor @if it's funny because even latin words for things were just derived from adjectives. aquila (latin for “eagle”) is derived from aquilus for “dark-colored”

for some reason a simple self-hosting project always turns into me staying up until midnight trying to get it to work because of a stupid mistake on my part. today i was trying to figure out why cgit couldn't access repositories in my home directory but could in other directories. i made sure the http group had access to my git repo folder, but turns out i just had to give http execute access on my homedir itself so it could actually get to my repo folder. it only took me 4 hours to figure that one out.

@devinprater I use gemini:// because it's updated automatically and biweekly. apparently GUS had to be manually triggered to index and whoever runs it just hasn't bothered to for a while. for some reason's cgi is broken right now though, I emailed the maintainer and apparently a bad or interrupted index breaks it like that, so it should be fixed next index.

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how could anyone play deadly premonition and say it's a good game. it was "critically polarizing," but it's a blatant rip off of stuff like Twin Peaks and Silent Hill, plus there's horrible gameplay, tonally jarring & badly mixed music, terrible dialogue, terrible voice acting, the whole nine yards of crap. stuff far better than deadly premonition has been critically panned, is it just because it's swery so half the critics give it a pass?

a quote i remember from someone that streamed deadly premonition a few years back: “swery is like a little baby saying ‘look mommy i made something original’ so everybody just lets it go”

@joerebelloharley an hbo show back when original programming was actually good. it was never as popular as The Sopranos and Six Feet Under (both good, but not as good) that ran around the same time because it's “less action-y” than either of them. it basically reinvented cop shows though, one of the first shows that wasn't CHIPs-esque, and actually examined social and political issues around the police and crime. i'd 100% recommend it.

if anything deserves a thorough analysis, it's The Wire. it's the best type of media, one that is accessible for normal people to enjoy it, while still being complex and provoking deeper thought.

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