@wolf480pl Actors usually can read the script before accepting the role; it can't be that hard to tell if it's a movie you'd want to be in by reading the script and talking with the director.

There are some actors like Jesse Plemons that are in excellent, beautiful films like I'm Thinking of Ending Things (and also apparently The Power of the Dog is pretty good) but then are simultaneously in horrible schlock like Jungle Cruise.

I wonder if the schlock is to pay the bills and then the art films are what they actually like, or if it's something else entirely like they work with people who they like and don't care as much about the film itself

@kelbot Hey, Scheme is 46 years old so at least that part might not be completely nonsensical (to someone from MIT at least). Replace the kitschy “egg” with “library” and it almost might make sense sorta!

My Scheme install (notably breadline) got totally borked after upgrading to Chicken 5.3.0 and the only solution I could come up with is uninstalling all eggs and purging the cache, uninstalling and purging Chicken completely, and then reinstalling.

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Why isn't there a Yonkers International Film Festival

i don't trust banks, i keep all my money under my straw mattress in my shack in the pine forest

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1975: "Let's build the Internet, a network that can survive a nuclear war!"
2021: "Let's host everything on the server of this one discount bookshop!"

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Saw a Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) balloon apparently

A different osprey family. I saw these two flying together gathering stuff for their nest too but no picture :(

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The pilot accidentally turned off the no smoking light so for around ten seconds you could smoke on a plane again

I've been stuck for a while on section 4 problem 10 in Euclidea. I already feel like the problems are impossible and there's still 11 sections to go!

Apparently there's direct flights from the US to Cuba again, that's interesting

That's what I was saying, they have the app name set to “TrackerControl” and the app's short name set to “TC”

Since it seems like everything other than Olauncher uses the regular name, I would assume that most apps would be lazy and set the short name to the same as the long name, which makes it confusing when an app actually sets the short name properly and something uses the short name instead of the long name.

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