Hello tilde, I'm about to nuke my mastodon accounts. If you still want to keep in touch, follow me here: @pedrocx486@msk.pedrocx486.club

(Misskey is ActivityPub so yes, it "integrates" with mastodon.)

My top 3 songs from the last 30 days: You Are a Pirate - Alestorm (3 plays) | Free - Ahxello (1 plays) | Moments - Alex Skrindo & Stahl (1 plays)

My top 3 artists from the last 30 days: The Jimi Hendrix Experience (20 plays) | The HU (9 plays) | Andre Matos (7 plays)

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Anyone out there made the 5015 fan mod on the #ender3? Apparently my printer is doing worse after doing it.


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"I don't like the thing you like" is not an insult or personal attack.

Criticism of a thing is not criticism of people who like a thing.

Let go of perfectionism and embrace realism.

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Anyone out there is familiar with #nginx? I want to serve different things on different subdomains but I'm having issues... I'm able to run the Mastodon instance but everything else is just a mess D:

I actually managed to pull off hosting my own Mastodon instance. What an adventure. lmao

Still in time for , just finished printing. Installed my BTT SKR Mini E3 V3 today along with some other things and yeeeeeee

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For those that don't know, code-server (the official one) added ARM64 support for their forwading-tool!

I now have full featured VSCode + Linux terminal anywhere without the need for tailscale!

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But yeah, I'm hella impressed how well everything works. Not a single crash even on any apps.

And my printer which I often forget exists, just... Worked on Linux.

Like what in the name of Sauron is this? Printers working fine? In Linux?!?!?!?!?!

And it's an HP! It works better than on Windows even, not complaining EVERY. PRINT.

On Windows I have to run the troubleshooter between every print job.

Especially the part I didn't need to drop to the terminal during my workspace setup. Only did it when installing Oh My Posh.

I was even mentioning to a friend how plug and play Linux got recently. 3 years ago I still thought it to be a mess. Sound drivers, video drivers, multi monitor setup... Now I just installed it and everything works.

And yes that was unexpected.

I've been using Linux Mint for a while now on my work PC and a Mac as my personal machine, and also haven't touched Windows for a while.

I'm honestly impressed I don't miss it. I have Parallels on Mac with Windows but haven't needed it in a long while too.

Are there any PS2 games with servers still online by the community? I really want to know how it felt like playing online on that thing.

When I less expect it’s 3AM. We need more hours in the standard days.

Spent 3 hours recapping my Sega Saturn that I imported from Japan. Sega, why did you bend the legs of the caps. WHY.
But it runs now, so YAY. Next to buy a Satiator.

I love that my projects usually go:

1- Find something I needed/like
2- It’s broken because it’s unmaintained
3- Create a new project inspired on it/fork it
4- Create something I like
5- Publish source under wtfpl
6- Never publish on stores/sites
7- Code just sits on my GitHub forever

(Also when forked I then find that it’s unmaintained because it’s full of crap code and I then take the challenge to refactor it)

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