Loading Jazz from the 30s onto this ol' iPod. "The David W. Niven Collection of Early Jazz Legends, 1921-1991" keeps paying off! Finishing chapter seven in the Jazz book. And about to watch episode seven of the Jazz TV series. I'm all jazzed up!
If you also want to get 84 GiB of old Jazz with Niven providing occasional commentary, I wrote some instructions on my blog a while ago:

I just checked. The first code that I wrote with IPv6 compatibility in mind is now old enough to drink alcohol in the US by a few weeks. (I was working through Stevens in late 1999.)

Verizon still won't give me an IPv6 address on my "business" fiber-to-the-home connection.


I'm a little surprised at the conclusion here... I was *sure* the mute button would turn out to be only as effective as the operating system's desire to respect it on these devices.

Very well done analysis: electronupdate.blogspot.com/20

To all CLI maintainers:

By the love of $god, please implement the -h flag.

I find myself thinking more and more along these lines lately, too:


I'm not sure what action it'll spur just yet.

Sorry for posting a link to your piece over there, @stevelord ... I did not anticipate the kind of biting criticism a couple of those commentors offered. I posted it because I enjoyed the read, liked the way it made me think about computing, and thought others would also. Nice work. My bad for inviting that.

I bet wrong on today's advent of code puzzle. Part 1 was a variant conway's game of life in 3 dimensions. I made a solver that kept the whole grid, thinking part 2 would likely ask more about the grid or change input parameters.

Part 2 asked for a solution in 4 dimensions. Trying to add a 4th dimension to my original solver was so error prone, I threw it out and wrote a generic N-dimension one that only tracked active cells.

I'm reasonably happy with the result:

Tales From The Dork Web 24 looks at the heirloom computer, a family computer made from recycled parts with a 100 year lifespan.


irc may be old and clunky but at least it can't get acquired by salesforce

This is the first year I've been able to do AoC "same day" for all the puzzles (so far) though not generally right at midnight. It's been fun and a good excuse to learn about python's itertools. And to make my python look more like python 3 and less like c++ shoehorned into python 2.5 syntax.


This year, I've tried to start blogging more, with varying degrees of success. When I have something meaty I want to say, I do a decent job getting it written up and posted. It's hit or miss otherwise.

@kev has suggested posting about something every day for 100 days, and I've been doing that but not tweeting or tooting about it so far.

So here are a couple of my posts:






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