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So I've got an announcement.. My Twitch show is happening. We've already done two streams. Yes, Yes i know I was gonna do it on peertube, but none of the instances seem to offer the features i need. 🤔

Not to mention the cloud storage required to pull this off is immense. So We've gone with a corporate ​platform. Not my first choice but such is life

It's called Piusbird Presents The Joy of Linux. It's a show about coding, emulators/rom hacks/open source independent games, and Generally all the fun stuff you can do on Linux

You can catch me on

Tuesday from 1-3pm Eastern
Thursday from 12:30-4:30 Eastern
Saturday from 3:30 to 5:30 Eastern

Also I know how NYS achives so much savings on their `community based programs` for developmentally disabled adults. They say pay it up front we'll reimburse you and than only reimburse 50% of what was promised pretty slick ey?

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That was a fun day of system maintenance... Got mail() for php working on my webhost. Found out that rich document editing in nextcloud on a server with less than 4GB of ram is *NOT*, a good idea. Works with a few dozen php tweaks but will crash the server. And did a few other things., i won't talk about. Sorry about the random downtime @antonmcclure

I hate doing this but i need $100 for bills and such because my payment from Medicaid didn't come through on time.

A Twitch stream will be happening today or tomrrow. I'll have more on the time later right now I'm neck deep in server maintenance.

So i love how has a built in IMAP client so i can get webmail without actually consuming any resources on my mailserver. And it looks slicker than Rainloop

Hey if anyone else wants a minetest server.. I set one up for @vantablack Feel free to DM me here. or mail matt -at piusbird dot space. I'll have to charge you something I can't give the vantablack discount to everyone. Anyway mail and we'll work something out

Today I bought a domain for my consulting biz. No website yet but. The state said to name it something
* not weird
* no obvious bird puns
So i went with a non obvious bird pun.. More later

CDC says it's ok to rub your eyes after you touch your asshole

pius: "we allow firewall punching..."

me: "doesn't sound very effective, shouldn't you grab a hose?"

Ok Rebooting my brand new production mail server fixed the virtio issue, this is still weird

Hey Guys:

Anyone in need of cheap cloud computing services... Or just wanna help a guy out GREAT!
Sign up for vultr the only cloud where openbsd is not a second class citizen. That's a referal link btw I'm shilling to afford this months bill.

Why did i have to find a possible openbsd bug on my brand new production mail server

@bcallah I have what maybe an openbsd bug in the virtio driver. But I don't wanna go in with just a virtio block device causes fdisk to hang. Is there like a primer on systrace somewhere i can gander at. Any advice for someone new to this?

@DrSagan Was gonna say a hail marry for you, but you need the big one today. I'm pulling out the Regina caeli. It's not Easter but somehow i don't think God will care

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