My colleague asked me to try to cut his video. I am only using Kdenlive for concatenating my video with titles and credits, notthing fancy. Is it stable enough to process the whole project?

fun with :

awk 'func fac(n) {return(n<10?"hello":"goodbye")}{print fac($1),"Peter"}'

(yes, I did the factorial function before and I was too lazy to rename it)

Watching Ally McBeal and this is what bugs me.. How could the lady poke the feet of that man when their toilets are so distant? How? Is there anyone who can explain that to me?

OK, s-nail test part1: success. Mail was sent ⬆️ 5️⃣ (that is high-five, if you do not understand hipsterish)

Testing testing testing, 1, 2, 3...
This time abduco + dvtm as a tmux alternative.

Moved away from gopher, started a "blog". That is 1990s => 2000s progress.

and, of course, I know that you are all waiting for the source.. uncommonly, displayed here in 🙂 but no worries, I am still using

and yeah, I almost forgot, is fast.. well done, Ruby.. oh, and I forgot.. of course, Lua and TCL needs to be included as well. for sure.

Also, TinyScheme incredibly slow, Python3 slower than P2, but... of course, with most of these languages, I used default values for precision, that can make some difference. also surprised me, with such a precise computation, that was not too slow + it is just a @gnucobol compiler, maybe some commercial one could provide better optimalisation. I would love to check more interpreters as there seems to be a room for improvement and add - just for fun 🙂

Interpreters / compilers comparison - 1M iterations for PI computation... I would not expect to be that fast

It took me exactly 4 minutes and 55 seconds to install NetBSD 8.1 (from boot to reboot), including pkgin and pkgsrc download and untar. And it is not even a shiny new machine I will have next week 🙂

I forgot, I can not be Windows-free. So tonight, Windows 10 installfest is my plan 😞

gopher:// - very nice, I also consider mp3 on any <100 MHz CPU a miracle, but here you have it. For a lot of work, even 100-200 MHz machine with 32+ MB of RAM and carefully selected software can be used.

- use to view in any modern browser.

Pretty boring night shift at work, so what could be better than improvin my older programs? :-)

Our IT dept sent us a christmas email, so I created a tiny little decoder for this in 🙂

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