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New personal mission: to minimise political toots and say more nice non-pol things!

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"If you have an ambition, you either achieve it, in which case: so what? Or: you don't, in which case you live a life of misery. It's best never to have an ambition, it's best to take every day as it comes and then look where you end up." -- Jeremy Clarkson

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Things you need to know about me:

- Please to do not expect me to care about political issues in the United States, unless it’s of international importance and/or involves England, it’s not my business.

- I’m not a rebel, I’m not trans or gay or anything, have no hatred for those groups of people they’re generally all very nice, I just don’t like fighting for political issues and (again) it’s not my business.

- I may take prolonged breaks at a moment’s notice, sometimes, seeing news media and certain political opinions on both the right and left often makes me angry, I have trouble controlling my temper, and I often respond to things with aggression first and regret later.

- While I don’t like Microsoft’s licensing, I do think some of the products have merit and I use them, please to not ostracise me for it, same with Apple and IBM.

- Feel free to call me out if I mess up, it’s important to me that I set my mistakes straight.

- Don’t be lewd, I couldn’t give a shit, but, feel free to DM me for (mostly) any other reason, sometimes I do get lonely and it’s nice to speak on a technical level about… cool technology.

Thank you for your time.

Guys! I’m doing ace at ! I’m walking through the first Mel Bay Modern Method book - reading books on songwriting (they’re really helpful!), I chose to start learning the cowboy chords quickly as an aside from the book, just picking up power chords. I’ve also got reading sheet music down to a T (almost) and have a (somewhat janky) concept of triads now!

For context, I’m a serial procrastinator - fed by anxiety and fear of failure - it’s the first time I’ve truly been productive in my many attempts to become a good musician, and I feel so fucking proud of myself!

Don't you hate it when you're debugging something, and the computer ends up being right?


Made the mistake of going to watch the game at Luton tomorrow instead of going up to Cambridge and attending the 40th Anniversary of the tommorrow at the Centre For Computing History.

- he says with a Acorn Archimedes as his profile picture - yeah I prefer Acorn products but still…

Here is my next compiler design article, in which we design a RISC-like assembly language to be used as an intermediate representation for optimizations and as bytecode target for an infinite registers virtual machine. Feedback and boosts are welcome, as usual!

I’m going to go on a programming session in a minute… productivity is slowly happening…

This machine served SDF from 1994-1998 and was a gift from Lucent (NCR Napierville, ILL). A few people are chatting in "com" and sharing #ascii #art

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Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain.
Why is he climbing a mountain?

There were two types of responses when Yahoo! shut Geocities down:

"Good riddance!" exclaimed many who thought Geocities was ugly and too obsolete.

"What a shame!" proclaimed others who felt an important part of culture had died.

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Recommending this song my Fedi Frineds - Chesney Hawkes - 'The One And Only', I've been listening to this every morning for the past few weeks! Really empowering sort of song.

Update! My copy of 'Hands-On Network Programming with C' has arrived! I can finally start learning and implementing the SSH/Netcode needed for the BBS in !

Have you visited our LibrePlanet wiki page lately? It's filled with free software information -- and it's an important tool for connecting with your fellow free software supporters. Check it out and get involved!

Anybody know what’s going on with ? Site is down, all the YouTube content has just vanished, no Discord, no Forum - no nothing! Frustrating, as I need the docs for code I’ve been working on, and they never distributed offline copies.

New personal mission: to minimise political toots and say more nice non-pol things!

ukpol / rwanda 

Here’s your daily reminder that Priti Patel choosing to ship refugees off to Rwanda is another step closer to full blown

Finally started writing my software! Officially writing code! Name is officially UltraNet BBS (UBBS), I might have a working implementation in a month(?)

Anybody got a good guide for using GNU Emacs? Usually I use MicroEMACS as I think GNU’s is way OTT for my needs, but I had trouble getting MicroEMACS to work on my new Arch install.

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