Wireguard DNS doesn’t seem to route correctly from my iPad, but the same config works perfectly on my Android.

Other than “don’t buy Apple ever again,” does anyone have any advice for how to fix this?

oops I started writing something in Perl, please have mercy on me in this trying time

@FirstProgenitor imagine if school was used to teach you social skills instead of capitalism.

@robotsneedhugs actually, they all worked slightly differently than you would expect today

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yesterday I finished reading a CS book so old they had to spend several pages explaining how a mouse, scrollbar, and selecting text in a textbox worked

is your child a hacker and talking about hacker things in code?

find out here:

\a: ASCII bell
\f: form feed
\n: newline
\r: carriage return
\\: backslash

yeah I'm nom binary *eats ur proprietary code*

i just think i deserve a lot of expensive computer equipment


masto instance for the tildeverse