eat, sleep, wake up, repeat

now working on step 2
good night!

so so sleepy right now
But I have plans for this evening.....

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hello, I.T., have you tried turning it off and leaving it off?

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Communism gay Linux? If got in contact with these topics, please reach out.

You may be elegible for collectivization.

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@sid @Hyolobrika @cjd

With this news, WWIII has begun, but rather than bullets and bombs, it is 0s and 1s.
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I seem to be mostly active in the fediverse at a specific time range of the day.
I therefore wonder how different the fediverse is like on other times of the day.
Has anyone noticed some striking differences?

(Maybe I just need to interact more in my fediverse off season time to compare)

@eclecticGob this may seem somewhat random to you, but is your profile banner from unsplash?

Now that I have some basic understanding of the vocabulary, I'll try focus on using it
Writing with others is a good way of doing so, but I'm now wondering if there are any communities/people that also speak to each other in toki pona
It has such an interesting sound I cannnot pinpoint~

I'm in awe of the awesome and flourishing community in the fediverse :)
You rock!

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trying to imagine what the world would look like if.... idk, basically anything was optimised for retention instead of acquisition? But like in a non creepy way? Like, super basic example but if websites like youtube actually focused on giving you tools for interacting with user bases and keeping them happy what people now have to do manually instead of focusing on just churning through folks? and jobs? subscriptions? I almost can't imagine....

Hey people!
How would you translate the word "online"?

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Hey, is there anyone from Europe here who has a public transport ticket in digital form? Those with a QR code? Or even without?
The team is very interested in those.
Expired tickets are okay, too!

If so, please send an image of the ticket to :)

(top down view preferred)

(archiv) Die GEMA sieht ihre Fehler ein

Was passieren kann, wenn man beim Ändern des Username den Alten nicht reserviert.
hatte damals so schlechte PR, dass sie als Neuanfang ihren Username gewechselt haben.

Was sie dabei nicht bedacht haben:
Der alte Username wird nach der Änderung für jede*n freigegeben und kann daher neu registriert werden. Dieser hatte weiterhin von vielen Seiten noch zig backlinks, die zum twitter-Profil zurückführen ;)


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yeah, going to bed is in place now. i have nothing to do and i'm already tired. but the inertia that keeps me sitting here is sometimes very strong indeed... but not tonight!

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when i'm thinking about going to sleep but then i'm told online to go to sleep

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