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Hello everyone! I'm not new here as such, I've been in the fediverse for some time, and had an account at ~team since march last year. I just decided to actually join you people over here too! That, and my pleroma instance have a tendency to not actually following people I want to follow, and I was fed up with it this morning.

I don't actually have a profession, but I just finished my first year of electrical engineering. I'm not as young as it sounds, I'm just a late bloomer.

Some interests of mine:
I am a ham, but have not actually been on the air yet.
I am a fan of open source, unix and such. I'm here after all.
I've wished for years that I was more proficient with BSD, particularly OpenBSD. I recently compiled a custom OpenBSD kernel to get magenta console text on my craptop, but it only half worked.
The past week I've been absolutely consumed by the idea of linked data. I'd love to chat about it, if you are knowledgeable or just curious.

And finally: I am not a native english speaker. I won't incessantly apologize for it. Just know that misunderstandings may arise, and depending on method, I welcome it being pointed out. I often forget spelling, and often look up words, but sometimes I don't care, and rely on the readers generosity to interpret me in the best meaning.

I think that's quite enough of for now. I'm looking forward to lurk among you!

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May I present to you:

Actually usable scroll bars.

Real-world use cases:

1. Scrolling up/down.

2. Scrolling left/right.

3. At-a-glance indication of position.

4. At-a-glance indication of size of current working area in proportion to the total working area.


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afghanistan, taliban, biometrics 

"Thousands of Afghans struggling to ensure the physical safety of their families after the Taliban took control of the country have an additional worry: that biometric databases and their own digital history can be used to track and target them."

Nobody in #InfoSec or #DigitalHumanRights spaces is surprised by this. This was completely predictable.

Another "this would *NEVER* happen" just happened.

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the co2 emmisions are not the sins of our forebears. they are ours. in the last few years.


1 Trillion tons of CO2 has been emitted between the 1st & 6th IPCC Reports (fossil fuel + land-use change).

This is 41% of all CO2 emissions since the beginning of the Industrial era (1750) emitted in 30 yrs, when we knew most.

"The world listened but didn't hear"


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Visualizing new and terrible types of internet drama:

acting differently from your assigned zodiac sign is astrological appropriation

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Picture of many cat clocks on a wall 

Saw this in the wild. Still don't think I'm ready for #plan9

When the flying duck did debian get *joe* as default editor??

Sometimes I start to do something in bash because it seems simple enough, then I regret everything…

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So this week's hot topic's been GitHub Copilot... 🔥 Especially regarding copyright... and I happen to know one or two things about copyright... so... blog post! 💁🏻‍♀️ 📚

#blog #post #copilot #copyright #foss #github

I am in pain today. Body and mind working as one; to destroy me.

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I suggested a friend in Iran to start learning #Docker and play with it to understand its power and the flexibility it brings. I sent him some blog posts that has an easy and beginner-friendly tutorial and explanation. Some minutes later I received this 403 error due to his geolocation.

This got me thinking if Docker is then considered as “free” software as this 403 error to my understanding violates the “freedom 0”.


Decided to check if @uoou had postet a video recently. Found this instead.

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unfriendly reminder 

abolishing cops and funding social services could cut domestic abuse in nearly half.

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