Hello everyone! I'm not new here as such, I've been in the fediverse for some time, and had an account at ~team since march last year. I just decided to actually join you people over here too! That, and my pleroma instance have a tendency to not actually following people I want to follow, and I was fed up with it this morning.

I don't actually have a profession, but I just finished my first year of electrical engineering. I'm not as young as it sounds, I'm just a late bloomer.

Some interests of mine:
I am a ham, but have not actually been on the air yet.
I am a fan of open source, unix and such. I'm here after all.
I've wished for years that I was more proficient with BSD, particularly OpenBSD. I recently compiled a custom OpenBSD kernel to get magenta console text on my craptop, but it only half worked.
The past week I've been absolutely consumed by the idea of linked data. I'd love to chat about it, if you are knowledgeable or just curious.

And finally: I am not a native english speaker. I won't incessantly apologize for it. Just know that misunderstandings may arise, and depending on method, I welcome it being pointed out. I often forget spelling, and often look up words, but sometimes I don't care, and rely on the readers generosity to interpret me in the best meaning.

I think that's quite enough of for now. I'm looking forward to lurk among you!

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