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@lain it would be nice to have a quickstart on the website of how to bring up a pleroma instance quickly using docker on a fresh host

@mastohost do you support using a different LOCAL_DOMAIN and WEB_DOMAIN and can i download backups of my server in case you go out of business or i want to self-host later

@mastohost it would be nice if you had payment options other than the devil paypal

The #golang #ActivityPub go-fed library now has a website. It has a 1999 landing page, a tutorial held up by smoke and mirrors, and Go documentation autogenerated by gnomes.

The server hosting it is tiny so please don't hug it to death.

Still not convinced? How about a stupid slogan:

"Why wait 'til tomorrow?!"

i am so glad that golang exists. the ecosystem around it is really exploding, there are tons of great libraries (that follow excellent interface conventions brought down from on high by Extremely Smart Googlers), and without it we would have been stuck with javascript/npm.

Y'all the developers of Goose Game refer to the Goose with they/them pronouns meaning the Goose in a Non-Binary Icon

masto instance for the tildeverse