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Funds plea, forward beyond fediverse 

It'll be awhile before I can claim retirement funds, as I require a US-based notarized affidavit and I cannot make a land crossing as of today even though I am fully vaccinated and have a passport
Please and Thank You

Dear friends, Tilderadio and Intergalactic Wasabi fans,

I would like to take a bit of time off doing my live Intergalactic Wasabi Hour show... I guess you can call that a "hiatus"? I would really like to focus my energy on some current life situation I've been going thru right now. I would like to come back once my situation changes -- for the good, but I can't promise when.

I would like to thank you all for your support all these years -- in fact 6 years. The show has been running for six straight years. I really enjoyed doing this show but I think the biggest factor why this show ran that long was the moral support I had been getting from the fans of the show and from the friends I made here in cyberspace ❀️ I am really hoping that you continue to support our beloved little underground Internet radio station πŸ€

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart πŸ™ also, I'm very sorry if I disappointed any of you. I don't want to say good-bye... just yet. I'm just taking a long break ✌️

I will still be around... lurking somewhere βœŒοΈπŸ˜…

Again, thank you... and good-bye for now ✌️

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For you tildeverse fans out there, we recently added a shop. You can get some tilde swag and support the tildeverse. We're also starting to add some non-tilde-specific fun stuff, like this:

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No one should be forced to CW their sh!te here or forced to go back to twitter. No one should boss ppl around here. Use the β€œunfollow” button wisely. It’s as easy as that πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

AND here are the official mascots of Nagoya Expo 2005 held in Japan. They are not marimos ☝️ they are just jumpy very leafy creatures πŸƒ 😝

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BTW if you listened to my show on tilderadio episode 195 (monday waves night) you may have heard me referring to 'mokkori' as 'erection' --- actually 'mokkori' is more like a 'bulge' LOL hence, the mascot on this post 😝😝😝 Marimokkori = + 'mokkori' (bulge') β˜„οΈ

γ‚’γ‚€γƒŒγ€θ‡ͺη„Άγ«ζ„Ÿθ¬γ•γ•γ’ ι˜Ώε―’ζΉ–γ§ η₯­γ‚Š

( Festival by Ainu indigenous community in Hokkaidō, Japan)

The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on - Ep 196 - 2021/07/14


Miami Sound Machine - Dr. Beat (1984)
Lionel Richie - Running With The Night (1982)
DeBarge - Rhythm of the Night (1985)
Madonna - Where's The Party (1986)
Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (Edit, 45" version) (1984)
Ashford & Simpson - Solid (1984)
Heaven 17 - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (1981)
Moskwa TV - Generator 7/8 (1985)
XTC - Senses Working Overtime (1982)
The English Beat - I Confess (1983)
Charly GarcΓ­a - Tuve Tu Amor (1984)
Les Rita Mitsouko - C'est comme Γ§a (1986)
Lindsey Buckingham - Go Insane (1984)
Tom Tom Club - Downtown Rockers
Daniela Romo - Mentiras (1983)

The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on - Ep 195 - 2021/07/13


Martin Dupont - Just Because
Moev - Rotting Geraniums
Peine Perdue - No Souvenir
Linear Movement - Night In June
Boris Dzaneck - Dance
Eyeless in Gaza - China Blue Vision
DD&Funkers - Love Buzz
Circuit 7 - Video Boys (Alt UK 1984 Version)
Jacno - Triangle
Mekanik Kommmando - Beauty of Language
Requin Chagrin - SΓ©maphore
Guerre Froide - Demain Berlin
Peine Perdue - Nuit Blanche
Daily Fauli - Speed
B-Movie - Remembrance Day

Thank you for tuning in! πŸ™ that was really fun! HUGE THANKS to everyone who hung out on irc during the show! ✌️

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Awesome set on #TheResistance! Time now for DJ @snowdusk on the #Tildeverse with 80s Synth and New Wave on #IGWH! 🎢 πŸ•Ί πŸ’ƒ 🎢 #tilderadio

Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on in 10 minutes! See u on IRC! ✌️ synth & tonite! 🀟0100-0200 UTC! 🌎 🎧🎢 ⌨️πŸ”₯

thank you for tuning in and for chatting with us on IRC! πŸ™ please don't go away because DJ Lars @alrs ' X NO ARCHIVE is streaming now on !

Hello Fediverse πŸ‘‹

Please tune in to ! we have 3 shows streaming for you:

00:00 UTC - The Freshmaker Show with DJ Mentos @mcornick - STREAMING NOW!

01:00 UTC - The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour with @snowdusk (that's me! πŸ˜… )

02:00 UTC - X No Archive with DJ Lars @alrs

To tune in go to:

Chat with us via IRC during the show: ( channel)

See you soon! ✌️

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