The Intergalactic Wasabit Hour tonight at 01:00 UTC/9PM EDT on ! Pls tune in if your ears are free! 🙏 As always, Tuesday nights are always & night! Wanna hear your favourite 80s tune? Send your requests to me via email snowdusk AT or simply respond to this toot! ✌️

To tune in, go to:

or (or radio.ogg)

Chat with us during the live show via IRC! Go to for instructions 🎹 🎶

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So it looks like there is no livestream today. No announcement on their Twitter account so I'm not sure what happened 🤷‍♂️ let's find something else to stream for one hour 😅

‘The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour - Live Mix by snowdusk on - Ep 010 - 2020/07/07’

Last night I played tunes

Thank you for tuning in to the live show and for chatting with us on IRC! 🙏


00:05 Martin Dupont - Just Because
04:47 Cabaret Voltaire - Spread the Virus
08:20 Peine Perdue - Nuit Blanche
11:12 Requin Chagrin - Sémaphore
15:04 Clan of Xymox - Michelle
18:05 Asylum Party - Play Alone
24:07 Daily Fauli - Speed
27:07 TRISOMIE 21 ~ See The Devil In Me
33:22 Molchat Doma - коммерсанты [Kommersant']
37:04 Кобыла и Трупоглазые [Kobyla i Trupoglaz'e] - Распад Петросовета [Raspad Petrosoveta]
42:12 Lebanon Hanover - Die World
46:29 Nine Circles - Vulkan
50:31 Siekiera - Jest bezpiecznie
55:35 Opera Multi Steel - Karma sous trame

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Thank you all for tuning in!!!

Livestreaming now is DJ LARS @alrs !!! Please tune in!

To tune in, go to:

or (or radio.ogg)

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JOIN us for the Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on Tilde Radio by DJ @snowdusk !

Come and chat in the #tilderadio room on Tilde IRC!
/server connect -ssl 6697

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Great mixes by @snowdusk on tonight's #IGWH on #Tilderadio! Come join us! 🎶🎧🎶

Please tune in to The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour tonight from 01:00-02:00 UTC/9-10 PM EDT on

Tonight we will be exploring wavey music 🤪🤪 💀🎶🎹🔥

Chat with us on IRC during the live show! Pls go to for instructions

To tune in, go to:

or (or radio.ogg)

@acdw hey thank you for the follow ✌️ question: I just looked at your tilde homepage and I saw a webring link... where did you get? Does it only work for I have one for but it does not work 🤪 I honestly don't remember where I got it 😅

I'm on lunch break btw... that's why I'm chatty chatty 🎤🔥

I have a hard time remembering the difference between dusk and dawn... I know. Pls don't judge me 😅 It's hard for some ppl 🤪🤪 and those words "from dusk 'til dawn" remind me which is which 🧛🔥 Did I tell you the story of how I came up with my handle years ago... realized I chose the wrong word and then just left it as is 🤪🔥🔥🔥 oh dear 🦌💦 classic me 💣💥

All day today the words "from dusk 'til dawn" keep reverberating inside my head

Maybe I've been wanting to watch that movie subconsciously 🧠

I've been trying to remember who I was following in my old instance... IDK why nothing more is coming up... so I think I have pretty much everyone I really genuinely want to follow 🌹

In about 15 minutes, will be relaying the daily livestream of "Democracy Now!" with Amy Goodman & Juan González for Monday, July 6th.

To tune in:

or (or radio.mp3)

Time to index me, world! 🦈 🔥🔥🔥

let's spread the good or bad newz to the world!! 🌎🔥

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