from 01:00 - 02:00 UTC (9-10PM EDT)


.. a set by me, snowdusk!

Please tune in on


point your media player to:

Just a bit of a background:

"The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour" is a continuation of "The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix" which livestreamed on from August 2015 until this month. My Internet radio show has found a new home on , a online community (shared server) within the vast network of interconnected servers called the ( For more info simply click the links! πŸ‘

On this show I mix classic and current electronic (mostly dance) music with occasional random babbling DJ talkovers πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ I was going to start the new show next weekend but WTH, let's JUST DO IT now! πŸͺ✨


Please spread the newz/boost πŸ™ thank you, world! 🌎✨

For more information about the show and to check out my past live mixes, pls go to my homepage 🏴

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Long post 

@snowdusk πŸ™†πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Get ready to rock.

Long post 

@Shufei YAAAAY!!! πŸŒˆβ˜„οΈβœ¨

@snowdusk So you won't be doing an 80s show per se? Just a mix every day?

@Ricardus HAAAY boss ricardus!! 🀝 SAME FORMAT!! πŸ‘ so 80s nite every Tuesday night!! 🎢

I know now where the show is - Yay! :-)
So. where do we live chat now???

@gemlog hey gemlog!!! YAAAAY!!! Thank you! πŸ™ the fun continues! ✨

@gemlog ah chat! it's irc...

in the channel ✌️

@snowdusk connection refused - over and over again for irc://

@dokuja @gemlog aaaah great!! glad to know. thanks dokuja

also, the web interface is available for ppl who do not have access to an irc client:


IRC!! ✌️ (with SSL only pls πŸ‘)

in the channel ✌️

also, the web interface is available for ppl who do not have access to an irc client, just change the channel to

SEE U SOON!!! πŸ™

@snowdusk Sweet! Gonna configure Irssi to connect to it. πŸ‘

Do I need to register my nick on their IRC server?

@claudiom You know what I am not sure but I registered mine... I think it's a good idea...

/msg NickServ REGISTER YourPassword

@claudiom AWWW THANK YOU!πŸ™ This is really encouraging! πŸͺ✨

@MG haaaaay DJ G.LOVE! ✌️ No.. there is... but not really official so DJs will be recording and archiving their own shows (which I think is a good idea πŸ‘πŸ‘)... I will be uploading the recording of the live show every night into my soundcloud 🀑

@snowdusk Do I have to register my nick before I can connect with SSL? Seems like it won't let me if I use SSL before registering my nick.

@claudiom oh man i am not sure... @jebug29 can u help claudiiom please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

@claudiom @snowdusk Ahh I think you have to have a local connection for non-SSL.

Do you have a tilde account anywhere? I'm just connected from within my shell at

@snowdusk Do You think we could do reruns of The Server Room Show from.recordings at a fix time and day per week on

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