@snowdusk Is that a direct translation of the Charmin commercial's "Enjoy the go"??


Also this one..

I was ejected from a shopping centre in Basildon, Essex in 1989 whilst wearing a hoodie, which might make me a trendsetter and possibly being suspected of being the first in the list of the unwanted people on that sign 馃槅

@vfrmedia are you serious??? because of a hoodie??? that is shocking!

@snowdusk to be fair I had befriended a number of local teenagers (a mixture of goth and raver kids) and we were all hanging around in a corner smoking, the security guards turned the lot of us out of that part of the mall (as we weren't spending money in there....)

@vfrmedia is this why wearing a hoodie got banned in that mall because you and your friends were wearing hoodies when you guys got caught?

@snowdusk these were new fashion items back then, associated with ravers, but there has always been a moral panic about young people "hanging around" in Essex...

@vfrmedia I really hate ppl discriminating against ppl because of what they wear or how they present themselves (tattoos, hairstyles, piercings, etc). I see convenience stores here putting a limiit to kids entering the store, and even malls employing high frequency sounds that young ppl only can hear to keep them away. To me, this is age/generational discrimination. Is that even legal?

@snowdusk @vfrmedia In my latter teen years, our local 7-Eleven used to blast classical and baroque music in an attempt to drive us out. My girlfriend and I simply learned to waltz.

@conceitedjerk @snowdusk

some East of England co-op stores used to use the classical music tactic in the mid 2000s.

The mosquito devices (high frequency audio generators) fell out of favour not because of legislation, but they are expensive and unnerve small children shopping with their parents, who are a valuable source of revenue (so not worth scaring off to discourage the comparatively small number of teenagers who shoplift or vandalise retail premises)

@vfrmedia @conceitedjerk IDK to me, if these shopkeepers will discriminate based on age, they should just close down and find some other kind of business. This is wrong and these kids rarely fight back for their rights

@vfrmedia @conceitedjerk this just reminded me of that incident I had in a music store when I was a teen, this store staff kept following me around as I was trying to figure out what to buy... I snapped and told the staff to stop following me because it was making me uncomfortable and I told her I knew why she was following me and even showed her my wallet that had money in it bec I intended to buy a cassette tape 馃お I just left the store out of disgust

@snowdusk @conceitedjerk

the reality is very few teenagers nick significant amounts of items from shops anyway and anything easily removable (booze, vaping supplies etc) is put in more secure locations - it tends to be older people who are addicted to hard drugs who cause the biggest problems...

@vfrmedia @conceitedjerk yeah my mom works for a store and she told me stories -- the age group who steal the most are the older generations

@vfrmedia @conceitedjerk and this is even more disturbing... these ppl should know better. IDK to me, if the store would do this kind of tactic (this is really profiling), close the store and work for an office or something

@snowdusk @conceitedjerk

this is probably a big reason as to why so many specialist stores have closed, the teens who were profiled in the 80s and 90s are now adults and haven't forgotten these experiences in their youth - TBH as recently as 2019 when I was still learning to drive I went into this town centre bookstore and was followed around by the staff so I didn't buy the drivers ed book that was on sale there (I found an old copy I had anyway)

@vfrmedia @conceitedjerk This is a really good theory I think! it makes sense!

@vfrmedia @conceitedjerk I get too worked up on this i think it's because i have had experiences like this because of the way i style my hair and the way i wear my clothes... i used to get the suspicious glaring looks first as soon as i enter stores and it always used to annoy me... silly me I tried so hard to make sure thee owners knew I was going to buy something or I wasn't there to just hang around... even now although I look more 'regular' these days (LOL), this thought of being 'profiled' still lingers in my mind when I enter stores

@snowdusk @vfrmedia Happened to me, too, at a local Future Shop (Canadian consumer electronics outlet). Showed the guy the money in my wallet and told him he'd just lost the sale of a new Powerbook.

@snowdusk @vfrmedia Yup. They worked on commission, so that would have hurt him financially.

@conceitedjerk @vfrmedia aaah this is another reason why I avoid going to stores whose staff are commissioned-base

@conceitedjerk @vfrmedia hahaha it's funny i didn't even know they no longer exists! LOL

@snowdusk I'm not 100% certain about that boast, there might still be a few stragglers operating under the Future Shop in some markets. Thought they'd all been subsumed by Best Buy back in the mid 2000s.

@conceitedjerk maybe The Source is next? The Source simply replaced Radio Shack stores, didn't they?

@conceitedjerk @vfrmedia this is nutts ... what infuriates me is when storekeepers/staff follow kids when they walk around the store assuming these kids will steal something. I know the stores are taking precautions maybe bec of past incidents but still -- to me, this is wrong

I've heard of the hi freq sound thing. In our college lab one day during lunch we once used a signal generator and tested ourselves to see how high we could hear. Predictably, the older students washed out early and the 18 yr old 'won' at just barely 16k.
Another thing is to wash the area with black light, which makes pimples stand out gloriously.

@gemlog @vfrmedia cool! I didn't know abt the glowing pimples!! 馃ぁ

@xmanmonk @vfrmedia ME TOO! I also love the images that came with all of them. LOL i've been trying to figure out the DO NOT DRUG 馃ぁ馃ぁ

@snowdusk @xmanmonk

I think its someone trying to squat Asian style and inject hard drugs at the same time...

@vfrmedia @xmanmonk hahaha i thought it was a dude who has just fallen after taking drugs and could not stand up 馃槅

@snowdusk is it bad that i read that in like a news announce kind of voice 馃槅
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