HELLLOOO! Reminder to please tune in, NOW (if you can), to --- 4 live shows tonite! Streaming now is DJ Mentos the Freshmaker @mcornick playing various cool rock music mostly , &c... then from 0100 UTC is my show The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour... as usual Monday night means the Mondays 🌊🤪 then after my show is DJ Lar's @alrs X No Archive - lots of music from around the world .. then our very mysterious DJ @isvarahparamahkrsnah playing a mix (usually a surprise!) of classic trance, current pop, kirtan, mantras and bhangra music 🎶 ✌️ check out our schedule here ➡️

to tune in go to

chat with us on IRC!! go to for instructions! 💥

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Shamefully, after considerably more than 20 years on-line, I have never used IRC.

@publius hahaha it's OK! you're excused! tbh COM is way more minimalistic and pretty 😉

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