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Winter is coming

Collapse OS aims to soften the blow. It is a z80 kernel and a collection of programs, tools and documentation that aims to preserve our ability to program microcontrollers through civilizational collapse.

Finally got around to putting some new stickers on my laptop - some newish arrivals and others that I've been sitting on for far too long. The port 70 and Zaibatsu Custom Notice stickers are courtesy of the wonderful tfurrows, while the and stickers are of course courtesy of the inimitable cat. Neither of whom will see this post, but credit where credit is due.

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anyone have links/ideas on how to passively cloak yourself from facial recognition systems?

i'd like to make a wiki page on the topic.

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Fun Sweden fact! Any time a Swedish train driver contemplates the abstract possibility of their train coming with a 10km radius of a level crossing, that crossing's boom gates go down and remain down until the end of the driver's shift, just in case. Entire transient roadside communities form and dissolve and as people grow old and die together waiting to cross the tracks. This minor inconvenience is worth it for the impeccable safety record.

The internet was better when not everything had to be a video and I could remain oblivious to other people's incorrect speech habits! None of this cute sequel jiff nonsense.

Wait. Wait.


People pronounce "Qt", the GUI framework, "cute"?

@gemlog Hey, Gemlog. Are you in any way aware of my Gemini protocol project (

@gcupc Very keen to hear your thoughts on the latest developments in the text/gemini discussions on the mailing list!

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Well, I feel accomplished today... wrote a gopher server, complete with Makefile and man page and put it out on gitlab.

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@gemlog Wow, she really discovers new levels of leadership failure every time she speaks.

Somehow, I only just today discovered drool's stoned.txt file (gemini:// or gopher://, a long, append-only text file without date or timestamps, updated only when drool is, well, stoned. Amazing ASCII and ANSII art, weird rambling and occasional gems like the Tomasino conspiracy theory. Exactly the kind of irreverent, unique, and probably transient content that characterised the early net and which is now nearly extinct.

Greatest thing I've read all week: "Conspiracy theory: All users are @tomasino".

I knew it!

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Wrote some thoughts on electronics, software, longtermism. Trying to make sense of all this in my head.

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It's telling of the situtation that we're in when you can't even read the IPCC assessment reports on climate change without a top of the line computer, the latest version of chrome and javascript enabled.

Does anybody know if any admins of are on the Fediverse? I can't reply to an email from a user there, says "5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients".

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Brand new Konpeito dropped. It's one of the unscheduled ones: OMAKE-01

You can only find it on gemini at gemini://

Don't know about gemini protocol? It's sort of somewhere between gopher & the web. Ask around with your neighborhood nerds for the scoop.

Reading smartphone reviews (don't ask!) is genuinely disorienting. The people who write these things inhabit a totally different reality from me. They regularly list as "cons" things which I count in the phone's favour. And why does every single review of every phone ever have to explicitly mention the presence of a waterdrop notch? I had to do a search to even know what that meant, and now that I do I just can't conceive of caring, especially since they're apparently ubiquitous anyway.

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