Is there an accepted generic term for what standards like robots.txt and sitemap.xml are in relation to HTTP(S)? Extension standards? Accessory standards? Companion standards? Sidekick standards?

Finished Bernard Moitessier's "The Long Way" today. Loved it! Will definitely read Robin Knox-Johnston's "A World of My Own" next.

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If no wheels are available, metal, not organic, limbs should be employed wherever practical.

Easiest NaNoGenMo idea ever: the story of a long solo sailing voyage. All you need to do is randomly generate weather reports for each day, randomly generate a number of miles covered since yesterday, randomly sample some birds or sealife that were seen, and finally use a Markov chain to generate a small burst of impenetrable sailing jargon; "I gybed the mizzen rigging to tack the doldrums"! 50k words, easy!

Can anybody recommend a good online store for dead tree books which isn't Amazon and is based in Germany?

@neauoire @rek You guys have been on land too long! I have been forced to start reading Bernard Moitessier's "The Long Way" to get my apparently now essential dose of vicarious sailing adventure writing.

Thanks to the Merveillite who tooted about Moitessier a few days back (I forget who it was).

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Gemini - Content 

Set up your own gemlog: gemini://

Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven": gemini://

Add statistics to your gemini site: gemini://

Mirror of gemini://

Play Othello: gemini://

Lagrange browser gemini://

Mirrored Wikipedia: gemini://

#gemini #Content

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Ah, gemini:// updated with a new index. Time to go through the known hosts list and see all the fun new servers people have put up.

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Gemini client ideas:

- e-book reader style, with content split up into pages and the swipe left/right to advance/recess the page. Remembers where you left off for reading long-form content like books.

- Fetches several Gemini RSS feeds and uses LaTeX to format them as a for-print newspaper/magazine/zine. Inlines images when linked to and intelligently arranges content based on length.

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☕ 🌅 ❓❓❓❓❓🈷️
Where I am, it's 1 November, which means
#FiveQuestions #gemini time

1. What happens in films that make you say “this would never happen in real life”?

2. If you could wipe a movie from your memory so that you could experience it for the first time again, what would you choose?

3. What was your favourite toy as a child?

4. What colour describes your mood right now?

5. If your domicile was on fire, what three items would you save?

Answer these in your #gemlog and reply with URL

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What is this Gemini thing anyway, and why am I excited about it?


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I was at an airport yesterday (i.e. an advertising rich environment) and saw an ad for an 8K television. I didn't know 8K was even a thing! I still think of 4K as totally newfangled, and as having appeared annoying quickly after everybody finished making a huge song and dance about how good 1080P was. How far away are we from the point where double blind testing proves nobody can even perceive further increases in resolution on realistically sized screens? When will we have a video equivalent of "CD quality audio", which doesn't get improved upon for decades because there's just no meaningful improvement to be made?

Wouldn't it be nice if any and all text presented to users by any kind of computer interface - website, mobile app, desktop app, literally anything - could be easily selected and copied to the clipboard? So that it can be pasted into translation tools, or search engines, or bug reports, or documentation? And when I say "wouldn't it be nice", I guess I mean "how is this not a self-evident truth that the industry didn't realise and achieve decades ago"? As far as I can tell, we are actively moving away from this goal, since text highlighting in websites has become ever more of a crapshoot in recent years, and is often actually impossible.

@kensanata Remember a little while back when you were interested in the idea of smolnet propaganda? I found a short blog post by Bruce Sterling ( which ends with the line "My internet is substantially quieter than yours, and teaches me new things every day". I absolutely love this line! "My internet is substantially quieter than yours" is a wonderful catchphrase by itself, perfect for fans of Gopher, Gemini and pubnixes.

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