Ordered this quite a while ago, being used to fast shipping from the UK and in the hopes I could use my summer holiday time to dive deep. Now it's finally here, when I'm working again. Oh, well.

Figured a good first step toward putting my layabout RPis to good use would be figuring out exactly what I have, and hence exactly what's supported. For one of them this was easy: RPi 3b, says it right there on the board. The other one has been quite a challenge! It's one of the very earliest models (full-sized SD card, RCA jack with composite video output), but doesn't precisely match *any* of the descriptions at elinux.org/Board_revisions. Guess I'm going to have to boot it up and try interrogating it...

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There's this great second hand store really close to me that externally advertises itself as a used record shop, but inside at least half the space is taken up with old audio gear, clocks and watches, cameras, and even a few old game consoles. It's almost like a purpose-built solderpunk trap, except there's nothing cycling related in there. It's a good thing for my sake the opening hours are so erratic! But I popped in today and, whoops, now I have a Super Multi-coated Takumar 85mm f/1.8 lens and the guy promised to bring a lot more m42 stuff in for me next week.

@solderpunk Thankfully my wife's laptop's charger is compatible (x220 and x230), so I can just limp along by recharging off that overnight.

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Ugh, my laptop's charger just gave up the ghost. Found a cheap replacement online, but it's not going to move over the weekend. Of *course* this happened on a Friday afternoon.

Lyin' back, listening to Sungod and watching clouds float past this little window is pretty great.

Summertime setup! Sleeping bag under handlebars, pillow on left side of head tube, tarp at front of top tube, tools n' tubes at back of top tube, food, water and cooking gear in saddlebag, with mat strapped to back of it.

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Hi there, Gemini fans! I just finished writing my own server, called Space Age.

It's written in 200 lines of Clojure with no dependency libraries. It's lean, mean, functional, and fast. It should also be very easy to use as a starting point for any paren-oriented developers to build out their next Gemini app.

Check it out on Gitlab here: gitlab.com/lambdatronic/space-


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working on over on tilde.black. Read about it here:


Or on tor:


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Protip: name your software projects after historically significant things, that way other people have already made your merch for you!

Ah, good! My envelope of cash made it safely to Germany and now I have a Posteo email address.

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I never thought that wanting a general purpose computing device would make me a dinosaur in today's computing environment, but here we are. "Post PC" world, why would anyone want a computer other than developers, just do everything in the cloud, etc.

I never thought we'd be clamoring for the days of timesharing systems and terminals, but we're not only moving in that direction but we're paving the way.

It makes me feel like we've seen the future and thought "that's too hard" and moved away.

I'm enjoying playing The Last of Us II, but I can't help but be amused by what my character is - and is not - carrying around, and the impact this has on what is and is not a serious problem for her.

I'm schlepping around post-apocalyptic Seattle carrying, simultaneously, a shotgun, a hunting rifle, a semi-automatic pistol, a revolver, a switch blade, and a pile of Molotov cocktails. But I'm *not* carrying a length of rope, or a pair of bolt cutters, or a hacksaw. This means every time I come across something like a locked or rusted gate I have to take a detour or go on some ludicrous side quest to open it up, when it really should just be a minor inconvenience.

Yeah, I know, it's a game and shooting zombies is more fun than DIY renovation, but seriously. Drop half the guns and raid an abandoned hardware store.

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