Lately I have been feeling a little nostalgic (thanks no doubt to heavily rose-tinted glasses) about the kind of machines I first learned *nix on, 486 and 686 PCs with 16MB or 32MB of RAM, IDE drives, ISA and PCI cards. When the Pentium processor arrived, everybody upgraded and these older machines were sold used very cheaply, so even a high school student could buy several of them and build a little bedroom network.

Today, good God, the eBay prices for this kind of machine are so high! And I get that they're pretty well retrocomputers by now, but they must have been produced in much higher numbers than Commodore/Atari/Amiga/MSX gear, and their modular nature makes them much easier to repair and keep in working condition, so I have a hard time believing they are genuinely scarce, with real rarity value. Or did their mass production actually work against them, because nobody hesitated to recycle/scrap them and now they genuinely are hard to find?

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@ajroach42 a depressingly large number of people think that computers (mobile devices included) "wear out" with age and use due to this phenomenon. The fact is that in the past 20 years or so that the reason the same computer is slower at doing the same tasks now compared to then is almost entirely due to surveillance and targeted marketing practices.

Even if you're not mining bitcoin literally most of the energy expended by most computers is driven by this BS.

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"The sprite editor used by artists for a number of SNK fighting games was written for the Neo-Geo, and uses the Neo-Geo as the interface. As in, you would use the joystick and the buttons to draw the sprite."

Really bummed out I've only discovered the Oulu Space Jam Collective after leaving Finland :( ouluspacejamcollective.bandcam

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! I feel really bad that Covid is depriving the Finnish people of their traditional independence day handshaking orgy.

@acdw For a brief moment your latest Gemlog post had me worried that I'd left Sweden without remembering to pay my library fines, but I just checked and apparently I did actually remember to do it. Phew!

Finnish friends come through with the goods for Christmas!

Bought a second hand washing machine this morning...from Nietzsche's house!!! Henceforth it shall be known as the Übermaschine.

Is there an accepted generic term for what standards like robots.txt and sitemap.xml are in relation to HTTP(S)? Extension standards? Accessory standards? Companion standards? Sidekick standards?

Finished Bernard Moitessier's "The Long Way" today. Loved it! Will definitely read Robin Knox-Johnston's "A World of My Own" next.

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If no wheels are available, metal, not organic, limbs should be employed wherever practical.

Easiest NaNoGenMo idea ever: the story of a long solo sailing voyage. All you need to do is randomly generate weather reports for each day, randomly generate a number of miles covered since yesterday, randomly sample some birds or sealife that were seen, and finally use a Markov chain to generate a small burst of impenetrable sailing jargon; "I gybed the mizzen rigging to tack the doldrums"! 50k words, easy!

Can anybody recommend a good online store for dead tree books which isn't Amazon and is based in Germany?

@neauoire @rek You guys have been on land too long! I have been forced to start reading Bernard Moitessier's "The Long Way" to get my apparently now essential dose of vicarious sailing adventure writing.

Thanks to the Merveillite who tooted about Moitessier a few days back (I forget who it was).

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Ah, gemini:// updated with a new index. Time to go through the known hosts list and see all the fun new servers people have put up.

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