I don't think it can have been more than about a year since I discovered Firefox's "Reader" mode, and in that relatively short time I have gotten to the point that, when I'm on my phone at least, I instinctively check for whether the icon is available on every single site and hit it the moment I see it, even if the page in question hasn't yet loaded/rendered to the point where I can even assess it's readability. I just do it, because I have literally never once seen a single case where switching to Reader mode made the site *less* usable on a mobile. Not even once. I guess this shouldn't surprise me - nobody would have gone through the trouble of writing the feature if it didn't work well. But what does it say that we have gotten to the point where its of real practical value to automate the process of routinely throwing away the entire product of the web design industry?

Crazy half-thought out idea: browser plugin which blocks access to domains on a list, which is dynamically maintained by a fleet of bots which scrape ads from Facebook, Twitter, etc. If a company advertises on one of those sites, people with this plugin can't go there for, say, one month after the ad was last seen, even if the person never visited the site hosting the ad in the first place. Installing such a plugin would actually do a lot more harm to FB etc. than simply not going there...🤔

Is there something like a demoscene for web designers? I'm imagining competitions where a HTML file is provided and contestants need to write a CSS file for it subject to stringent limitations (maximum file size measured in bytes, or single digit maximum number of statements, or certain properties are forbidden), and the most beautiful submitted design is determined by a vote or something.

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@cat Imagine if there were really high quality gunpla-style models of NMS starships. I'd be fucking ruined.

@kensanata You posted something a day or two ago about "small internet propaganda". I think the closing line of gemini://inconsistentuniverse.space/essays/mozilla.gmi is really nice, and could easily be turned into a slogan / rallying cry:

"I want the internet to be us and not just three websites full of screenshots of each other".

Hey, can somebody with an sftp account at gemini.circumlunar.space please confirm for me that they can still log in and see their stuff?

Dynamo hub experiments, first iteration. With absolutely no load other than the multimeter, I was able to get the output up to 30VAC, somewhere just above 35 km/h. That's over 40V peak! It was around 20VAC at a more comfortable 25 km/h. Obviously it will be much lower driving a load, but I was curious.

Tomorrow: diodes, capacitors.

Next weekend: MC34063?

@xj9 Are *all* the coolest people at Mervilles now? 🤔

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Putting together a `~/bin/do-the-internet.sh` script. So far it does git pushes of my gopherhole and gemini capsule to the respective servers, fetches my Posteo mail to a local Maildir using `getmail` and fetches my circumlunar mail to a local Maildir using ssh+rsync (the Zaibatsu doesn't run POP or IMAP). Need to write something which actually *fetches* Gopher and Gemini content from Atom/moku-pona/spacewalk feeds and stores them locally for offline reading. And come up with some kind of Fediverse solution. But slowly moving toward a setup where I only actually *need* to be online for, like, 60 seconds a day.

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"Everything we do to make it harder to create a website or edit a web page, and harder to learn to code by viewing source, promotes that consumerist vision of the web.

Pretending that one needs a team of professionals to put simple articles online will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Overcomplicating the web means lifting up the ladder that used to make it possible for people to teach themselves and surprise everyone with unexpected new ideas. "

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Doug McIllroy's programs don't need a garbage collector; they pick up their OWN garbage.

@cat @leeb I finally got my space bike! It's bigger and louder and more enclosed than I imagined, but it's still pretty neat.

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