Just got an eQSL from World Music Radio, a one-person 100W shortwave station that broadcasts from Denmark! Not a terribly impressive DXing achievement from Finland, but something a bit more interesting than the usual government stations at least!

Folk understandings of copyright are so curious. People upload whole albums to YouTube (and good on 'em) and then write "No copyright infringement is intended" in the video description. This is roughly on par with stabbing somebody in the face while yelling "No murder is intended!".

@tomasino Holy shit, dude, "the apocrypha of cat" is fucking brilliant.

Uh oh, I'm worried I've caught Asahi/Pentax fever. :(

Fountain in a park, with Edinburgh Castle in the background. I'm kind of thrilled which just how much this shot looks like it could have come straight out of a '70s travel magazine. I can't put my finger on exactly what gives it that look, but something does.

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Do you read on a phone, tablet, or some other heathen device which can't properly display text wrapped at 80 columns like God intended? Please visit gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar. on your device and tell me the *widest* number of columns which renders neatly for you.

Hey, fanatics! Please help spread the word about 2019, the Remote Outdoor Off-Grid Phlogging Challenge! See gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar. for details.

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Added a #gemini mirror for lobste.rs on typed-hole.org. It's just a port of my #gopher mirror for now but I can find some ways to improve it.

@gcupc For a while now I've been meaning to have a closer look at github.com/lunaryorn/mdcat (which @kensanata flagged as a possibly useful handler for Markdown in VF-1), as a possible source of guidance on the Gemini formatting discussions. As it turns out, it doesn't handle reflowing of text at all (github.com/lunaryorn/mdcat/iss)!

Not only was the upgrade smooth, but everything feels way, waaay faster. Implausibly faster, to be attributed to an upgrade. I suspect some ACPI preferences have been set back to default values that prioritise performance over power saving. I probably set them very strictly some time in the distant past after getting annoyed at excessive heat and/or fan noise. Have to admit, I'm a bit unsure about changing them back, this responsiveness feels quite nice.

Upgrade to buster appears to have gone smoothly. For some reason my trackpad is now at least three times more sensitive than it was before. Very strange that that sort of thing should change with a system upgrade, but if it's the worst that happens I'll be pleased.

Watching updated packages download, I'm starting to suspect my computer is at least 40% LaTeX distribution...

Upgrading to Buster, hold on to your butts...

@solderpunk @pkotrcka The parcel arrived earlier than expected! Something from Clairefontaine, something from TWSBI and something from Diamine! You will learn more soon. :)

@julienxx Just letting you know that the Gemini mailing list that @gcupu@glitch.social setup the other day is now being used, so you should sign up!

@julienxx Just letting you know that the Gemini mailing list that @gcupu@glitch.social setup the other day is now being used, so you should sign up!

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