Recorded the next episode of Half Hour of Power today. It is an elaborate aNONradio in-joke which, if I'm lucky, approximately five people on the planet will think is funny. Time well spent. is young, but is already holding its own in the awesome phlog content department: gopher://republic.circumlunar.

Sorry, Donkey Kong! You're just not a draw anymore.

Airing on at 1800 UTC (~1.5 hrs from now) - Half Hour of Power continues its Berlin School / Space Music focus and will be playing some Tolkien-inspired sequence-heavy synth music by Swedish artist Johan Tronestam.

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I know I shouldn't, because it's entirely each persons' own call to make, and I understand the concerns about spam, I guess, but I get irrationally angry at people with personally websites that don't have an email address on there. Often there is literally no way to contact these people without signing up to some service that I don't have an account with, and I'm sure as hell not going to make one just to talk to one person, no matter who they are.

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javascript shall burn, chained to the bottom of Tartaros

Oh, Deutschland 86 finally happened, hurray!

Half Hour of Power EP36 on in about 20 minutes! I think it's time to admit that the show has no fixed identity anymore. Space music Berlin-school business again tonight, because it's easy and seems popular.

"Much like the original, the new Nokia 8110 4G has a curved protective cover you can slide open to pick up calls and slide back to end them. The unique shape also means you can spin the phone in ways you never imagined." I shit you not, that is actual verbatim copy from How is this a thing that anybody would care about to any degree at all? The statement is vacuously true by virtue of the fact that I have never imagined spinning *any* phone in *any* way, because I'm not *unhinged*.

@cat finger answers in Fahrenheit? What the bloody hell, mate?!

I think I will allow <audio> and <video>, but will of course disallow the autoplay tags, because there's no excuse for that shit.

Hmm, seems like `file(1)` is not really great at recognising Javascript. Guess I'll also refuse to serve any URIs ending in ".js".

I'm writing a webserver. Key features: inspects all files with `file(1)` before serving them and refuses to serve anything identified as Javascript or Flash. Refuses to serve any file larger than 1MiB. Inspects HTML files before serving and removes all <script>, <embed> and <iframe> tags. Refuses to serve HTML if div and/or span tags are nested more than 5 tags deep. Suggestions for additional "principles of non-violence" are welcome.

The hold music for the Finnish railway company's customer support line is "My baby takes the morning train". Well played, VR!

Winter wonderland! Judging from the total lack of footprints in the snow that fell last night, I was the only person to visit this forest today. What gives, people?!

Very cool little offering from the folks at which I only just learned about, thanks to @mrguilt - historical versions of UNIX installed on VMs, accessible from your browser! Yes, it's Javascript, but it's for a good cause so pinch your nose and check it out.

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