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Today I learned that the G.I. Joe franchise had a weird parallel life in Europe where it was gradually merged with and eventually subsumed a pre-existing franchise called "Action Force"! We got "the real deal" in Australia, so I was oblivious to this.

Crude but usable Gemini client which will follow redirects and can handle binary files with handler programs specified in /etc/mailcap in (just!) under 100 lines of Python: Read more at the Project Gemini gopherhole.

@tomasino@mastodon.sdf Do I remember correctly that runs geomyidae?

Shortwave field recording with Tecsun PL-310ET, Behringer UCA202 and eeePC 1005Ha running OpenBSD 6.4! Not exactly an ultralight rig, but portable enough: this plus a Spotmatic SLR fit easily in a surplus Finnish army shoulder bag, whose waist strap makes it pretty practicle to cycle with.

Pity I forgot my headphones. 🙄

Phew, I came in second, at least. gemini:// works, powered by janky Python code which will probably fall over soon.

It's serving the same content as gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar., and it does it by parsing the gophermap - demonstrating that bihosting on gopher and Gemini is super straightforward.

@kensanata I don't feel like this is a good enough rendition of what I want to express, but nevertheless, here's a response to your latest Gemini post: gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.

Now that some crazy individual has stood up gemini://, I had an unexpected urgent need for a Gemini client. So, I hastily converted VF-1 from gopher to Gemini and have named the result AV-98 (after the AV-98 Ingram,, Patlabor > Macross, fight me). You can find it at Not everything works 100%, but it's good enough for simple testing. @gcupc, NOW things are moving fast!

TFW you vaguely and incompletely spec a new internet protocol and then wake up the next morning to an email telling you somebody has already coded a server and put it online...

@gcupc Whoops, jumped the gun on this one a bit, actually, I mean to propose some possible compromises...

@gcupc One more post up, on redirection. I'm going to take a break from Gemini phlogging for a few days now, but still very happy to discuss things here or via email!

I botched the focus on this one, but I kind of like it anyway.

GThis is the Franken Peugeot, , before its recent makeover. The B&W nicely hides the mismatching paint, but the tyres are still pretty obvious.

Nice lion statue in Stockholm, the detailed mane looks great in B&W.

@pkotrcka Well, I guess the FED works! I feel liberated from needing a light meter now, it's wonderful! Thanks very much.

1,000,000 million internet points to the first person who writes, performs and records a parody of Lady Gaga's 2008 hit "Poker Face" where every instance of the phrase "poker face" is replaced by "gopherspace". Go!

Went for a nice ride this evening and stumbled upon this guy's not-so-out-of-the-way little summer escape. He's used his bike to transport a small BBQ, hammock, book and at least 3 cans of beer to a shady spot by the river. I think this is when the kids say "goals", right?

The Franken-Peugeot rides again!!! Now featuring such bourgeois conceits as "paint" and "matching front and rear tires".

Only takes one obnoxious cunt with a subwoofer to make me wish transistors had never been invented.

The Zaibatsu has been dethroned! The Great Gophernicus Server Uptime Leaderboard (gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.) is now topped by - which has been up for OVER THREE YEARS! Serving an average of 126 KB per day, or approximately 1.5 bytes per second. Via IPv6, too!

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