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I still have the solarpunk like dream of everyone having their own small serverbox at home running gopher and communication nodes for their communities. No spy ware, no ads no business.

People writing simple programs for their needs sharing their knowledge, helping each other.

Designing tools that actually helps them, solving their community problems.
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Tonight at 31 October 0000 UTC (30 Oct 2000 EDT/1700 PDT) is the 81st anniversary of the 1938 War of the Worlds radio drama. We will be streaming it on #tilderadio in honor of the event.

Tune in at
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@xiled Saw your post on the SDF guestbook, hope you enjoy this as much as I do:

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@pkotrcka Hey, remind me which Yashica TLR you have?

Reply letter will be in the post tomorrow! :)

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Just learned the word "emergy", which derives from "embodied energy". The emergy of a smart phone is a measurement of its lifetime energy use but also the per unit energy cost to mine the materials, manufacture it, ship it, sell it, and dispose of it.

Salvation of the late night hungry!

Super happy with how this came out, will definitely play with low ISO film at night more in future (this is Ilford FP4).

@pkotrcka Letter received today! Nicest looking envelope I've seen in decades! :)

Half-assedly watching the World Athletic Whateverships on TV, my wife expressed surprised that many athletes seem to be sponsored by TDK, who we both associate only with magnetic tape products, which raised the question of what the heck the company does these days. A quick search gave the answer (LiPo batteries, sensors), but also turned up, which I feel is an extremely dangerous resource for me to have discovered...

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I just posted my #phlog entry in
@solderpunk 's ROOPHLOCH (Remote Outdoor Off-Grid Phlogging Challenge) .

LOCATION: Local park WEATHER: Cold, rainy, windy, 36F 2C. GEAR: Termux, umbrella.


#gopher #sdf #phlog #tilde #blog

@tomasino Response to your VF-1/AV-98 post is up at my phlog!

Just got an eQSL from World Music Radio, a one-person 100W shortwave station that broadcasts from Denmark! Not a terribly impressive DXing achievement from Finland, but something a bit more interesting than the usual government stations at least!

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