In case of sonic attack on your district, follow these rules.

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maybe we just add networking daughterbords to amigas and live in a better alternate reality

I've got the serum and I'm going to take it.

I would have liked you to have been deep frozen too.

Hoping Fediverse Power can help me identify some music I listened to once, months ago, after a long, random walk through Wikipedia: Unconventional early electronic music group with a strong guitar component too, *probably* Japanese, who at some point release an album whose cover featured a bunch of stick-figure-like people made out of small, white dots. Like little dot matrix sprite dudes. Yeah, I know, this is basically nothing to go on at all. I expect magic nevertheless.

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Half Hour of Power will air tonight on at 1800 UTC (about 50 minutes from now). Tonight's ultra-low-effort quickly assembled playlist consists of some of the Objectively The Best (i.e. my personal favourite) songs by Kraftwerk. Which basically just means the ones about computers, bikes or biochemistry. I can take or leave the rest, to be honest.

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Kind of thinking that, maybe, I might like some gearing on the Franken-Peugeot (heresy!). But nothing over the top. A classic 3-speed hub would be more than adequate, and trivial to find very cheaply here, but 99% of them come with coaster brakes, which I'm not interested in. Pondering something like a 1x7 setup (or maybe even 1x5 or 1x6, with a NOS SunTour freewheel from eBay!) with a downtube friction shifter. But worried about chain drop, and just increased hassle overall...plah.

What a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning! Think I'll sit on the couch and muck around with my OpenBSD eeePC for a bit...

UI disasters: fridge thermostat controls with integer settings like 1-6. Is a higher number colder, i.e. the numbers track how hard the fridge works, or warmer, i.e. the numbers track temperature? Isn't this obviously ambiguous? Why not put a picture of a snowflake at one end and a sun at the other?

Bit more than half an Earth hour until tonight's Half Hour of Power airs on! Tune in to hear some works of Dweller At The Threshold (, a late 90s/early 00s US band who did some good work in the Berlin School tradition.

Million dollar business idea: bicycle repair store which also sells coffee and ice cream, called (wait for it) Cup and Cone.

Room for one more at the Zaibatsu again...

Let it never be disputed that @cat is the Lord, the Messiah of gopherspace April fool's day gags.

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@cat Hey, is suddenly working perfectly for me, without me having changed anything on my end! Awesome sauce.

I know whatcha thinking.

You're gonna nuke me.

Well, I got two words for ya:

Bite. Me.

One year ago today I made a post to the gopher-project mailing list offering free sftp-based gopher hosting at! 365 days later and the whole thing has morphed into some kind of wonderful federated pubnix project which I'm so happy to be involved in. Huge thanks to all sundogs for their contributions to making the community what it is.

Tune in to at 1800 UTC tonight (just under 12 hours away) to hear parts of the 1971 noiseish ambient electronic album Cluster ( Because if there's one thing needs, it's some electronic music that you absolutely, positively cannot dance to.

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