That radio thing that I'm doing an increasingly poor job allocating prep time to is happening again on in 10 minutes! It will be Berlin school stuff again - yes, because it means putting together a half hour show consists of choosing one or two tracks, but it's not as if it isn't also fantastic music anyway. British outfit Red Shift tonight, tune in and space out.

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@pkotrcka Seems like the best place to listen to underground radio :p Catch it from the archives when you get a chance.

How's the weather in Prague at the moment?

@solderpunk I always listen it afterwards from the radio archive. It is raining, so I believe it is above 0 C. It was nice this morning, but then I needed to sleep and that nice weather is gone. Is it -20 and a meter of snow in Finland?

@pkotrcka More like -5 and a few centimetres. Nice and dark, though!

@solderpunk it was snowing a bit this morning, but nothing serious. I think it is still above 0, even right now. And I am at work, wrapping gifts for my colleagues and I am paid for that. Hooray 😄

@pkotrcka Snow is forecast for tomorrow, or at least it was last I checked. A white Christmas seems pretty probably, which is pretty exciting for a mostly life-long desert dweller like myself!

@solderpunk Enjoy it 😄 I do nto even have any "winter shoes" here in Prague...

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